5 Great Wholefood Lunchbox Ideas


That relentless little box, day after day after day it expects to be filled! Make it nutritious they say; five veg, two fruits. Don’t forget the protein to keep them sustained; and the carbohydrates, those little bodies need plenty of energy. It must be nut free, that one is important. What were the other lunch box rules? Oh, that’s it. Pack something they will eat!

Our five quick and easy favourites tick all the boxes; the only challenge is ensuring these delicious recipes make it to school!


nut balls

For the mid morning snack we love Nut Free Bliss balls.  Take one minute to whip up a batch at the start of the week and you are set.

https://www.wholefoodsimply.com/nut-free-bliss/ for the recipe!







Hummus, pitta and veggie sticks, because sometimes simple things really are the best. This recipe is divine; however if your kids are not convinced try sweetening the hummus with a couple of dates or a dash of honey, and  feel free to omit the garlic.

Fill one small container with hummus, another with a torn pitta pocket and a third with veggie sticks. We like to use carrot/celery/cucumber/capsicum/ snowpeas, but go with whatever your children desire. Little people love their own personal pick and dip!

https://mamacino.wordpress.com/2012/01/30/sensational-super-snackbox-ideas/ for the recipe!




This slice is truly perfect at any time of the day. Pack it for lunch or for the morning snack. Bake on Sunday and your week is sorted.

https://naturalnewagemum.com/blueberry-breakfast-slice/ for the recipe!







Is there a child out there who doesn’t love rice? This one even comes with maple syrup! Make a double batch for dinner, omit the cashews and school lunches are organised; you can sleep a moment longer.

https://vegiesmugglers.com.au/2012/10/30/pass-me-the-berocca/ for the recipe!








This is where I often end up. It is incredibly easy and my daughter loves it. Time and time again it is sultana wraps filling our lunch box; this recipe has the protein, the carbs, and a touch of green. But most importantly it has sultanas and sultanas make everything great.

https://www.wholefoodsimply.com/sultanas-make-everything-great/ for the recipe!




Some of these recipes specify organic ingredients; go with what works for you and your family. The dishes will be delicious either way.

Here’s to loving the lunchbox!

By Bianca from Wholefood Simply



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