My Child Won’t Eat Lunch At School …. What Should I Do?


bigstock-Fruit-salad-in-a-plastic-lunch-42096013 (Small)Kids not eating their lunch at school? You are at your wits end with ideas to get them to eat their lunch. You have probably tried everything from letting them decide what goes in the lunch box to asking the teachers to try and get them to eat and the list goes on. We asked some mums on the School Mum facebook page about how to address the not eating lunch issue and here is what they said …

1. Make sure your child has a very good breakfast in the morning. In the afternoon give them a snack, and a plentiful dinner.

2. Instead of packing actual lunch items, try packing snacks. Fruits, veggies, and finger foods.

3. Kids will not starve themselves. Need not worry if they don’t always eat their lunch, when they are hungry, they will eat. It really doesn’t do them any good for you to force them to eat.

4. If the child is doing well in school with their work, they are growing and are healthy don’t worry about them not eating. Just send them along with a sandwich for that occasion that they do get hungry.

5. If your child is eating a good breakfast, they may not be hungry come lunch. It is quite common for a child of a young age to be too busy for lunch. The thing on their mind is getting out playing with their friends. If they will eat it, allow them to eat their lunch on the way home from school or at tea.

6. Make them finish lunch box before anything else is offered for afternoon tea.

If your child is eating well at home don’t stess yourself out too much. If they are on track for their growth development, don’t sweat it if they are not eating all of their lunch. Remember that as adults we don’t always eat our lunch and we survive.

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