Lunchbox Fun – Tutorial on How to make a Ladybug Sandwich


Here is a simple tutorial put together by What’s for Lunch.

image_1367746709608811How to make a ladybug sandwich.

1. You need a sandwich with filling, a knife, a straw and a circle cutter.
2. Using your circle cutter cut a circle out from the sandwich then make a score for the face.
3. Make a slit in the bottom half of the circle for wings and cut out a triangle using your knife.
4. Punch out holes in the body using your straw.
5. The best way to make your legs is to cut four short pieces from the crust and tuck them into the sandwich.
5. Use 2 sultanas or peppercorns for eyes.

That should be it for your ladybug. Hope you enjoy this short tutorial.

Ghabeba – from What’s For Lunch



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