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When you are in the trenches of early parenthood things like nappy choice can be all consuming.

It may seem like an insignificant issue to people not up to their armpits in wet wipes, but as a parent of a baby or toddler it is a pretty big deal. That’s because the seemingly simply matter of keeping babies bodily emissions contained is a really loaded issue (pardon the pun).

When choosing a disposable nappy option in particular, parents worry about things like:

It is comfortable and won’t give them a rash?

Will it keep them dry through the night?

Is it cost effective?

What is the environmental impact?

The answer to these questions is a never-ending source of debate on parenting forums and Facebook pages like School Mum.

As with everything, people usually have their favourite brand and once they have found something that meets their needs, they stick to it.

Some people swear by more cost-effective brands such as BabyLove or Aldi’s Mamia. Many are die-hard Huggies users, which is understandable as it is currently classed as the market leader.

Socially conscious Australian brand Thankyou recognises this and has come up with an ingenious marketing strategy to entice people to try their product.

For those that have not heard of Thankyou, they are a social enterprise that commits 100% of their profit to ending global poverty. Profits from the sale of their body care products, water, food and baby care products, including nappies, goes to help poverty stricken communities.

For example, proceeds from their baby range help get life-changing health services like immunisation programs, training of skilled midwives and medical supplies to mums and bubs in need. You can read more about the impact of Thankyou projects here.

To convince parents to try their brand, which claims to make nappies as absorbent as the market leaders, they are offering a box of Huggies to any customer not satisfied. Their promise is:

“We will get you through the night. Or we will give you a box of Huggies.”

To read the full details you can check out Thankyou’s letter to parents here.

Considering their nappies have triple layer protection, are enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, are hypoallergenic and free from nasties like chlorine and latex, I think the comfort and dryness aspects are pretty well covered.

Thankyou nappies are also sourced from sustainable material and competitively priced. Plus they help communities in need. What more could you ask from a nappy?

As a parent with a kid still in night nappies I, for one, will be giving Thankyou nappies a trial. And if I’m not happy, I’ll get that box of Huggies. Win-Win!! 

What are the main factors you look for in a nappy?  Is buying from a socially conscious brand important to you? Will you be trying out Thankyou’s nappies?




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