12 Ways To Reward Your Kids Without Presents or Lollies



Here are 12 simple ways to reward your child for a job well done without spending a cent:

  • give them a day off their chore;
  • let them choose the evening meal;
  • let them sit in the front seat of the car for a week (this is a big one in our house!);
  • leave an encouraging note for them on their pillow;
  • make their bed for them for a week;
  • give them additional screen time for one day;
  • organise a surprise play date with their best friend;
  • go for a stroll with them after the evening meal one night;
  • put a surprise note in their lunchbox;
  • pick flowers and put it in their room;
  • let them stay up 30 minutes later than normal;
  • have a movie night with them where they get to choose the movie.

Any act of kindness no matter how big or small can make a huge difference to your kids, especially when done intentionally. 



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