20 Experiences That Make Great Presents For Kids – Less Stuff More Fun!



More and more people are opting to give birthday presents that are experiential rather than more “stuff”. Personally, I love it when my kids receive something experiential especially when we can go and do it together.

(Naturally, the below ideas vary in price – so for the more expensive experiences it would be a good idea to get a group of friends together to all chip in!)

Here are 20 ideas:

  1. Movie ticket

    Who doesn’t love going to the movies!! AND there’s always new movies coming out to coincide with school holidays.

  2. Indoor Play Centre Voucher

    A voucher for somewhere like Kids Space, Lollipops, Chipmunks, Monkey Mania or Inflatable World would provide heaps of fun for the recipient and generally speaking, they are air-conditioned centres and out of the weather elements.

  3. Ice-Skating or Roller Skating Voucher

    This activity is timeless and a good skill for kids to learn. You never know, you may break out some “speed skating in the general direction” yourself!

  4. Laser Tag Voucher

    Both genders seem to love a game of laser tag. It involves running around, strategy and the ability to dodge laser beams from the opposition!

  5. Ten Pin Bowling Voucher

    It’s a STRIKE! Ten Pin Bowling is a winner because it caters for all skill levels (with the bumpers etc) and it isn’t too expensive either.

  6. Build-A-Bear Voucher

    I hesitate to mention this one because of the addiction to these bears that my children have developed!! BUT the kids really love this activity and to be able to make and name their own bear is pretty special.

  7. Horse-riding Trail Voucher

    Get them back to nature and saddle up for a horse trail ride. There are trails that cater for all experience levels from beginners to advanced riders.

  8. Art Gallery Ticket

    Spark their imagination and creativity by giving them a ticket to an art gallery. They are packed with wonderful exhibits which are becoming more and more interactive. They will be given the opportunity to discover contemporary art and often there are hands on workshops available to participate in.

  9. Indoor Trampoline World Voucher

    These centres have taken off!! They are super exciting for the kids and there is a healthy dose of exercise thrown in too. The couple of times that I have taken my kids along to one they have slept very well that night!

  10. Ice-Cream Voucher

    Yum! These are available for as little as $5 and who doesn’t love ice-cream! First dibs on taking my child along to this one!

  11. Indoor Rock Climbing Voucher

    Again these centres cater for all experience levels. They tend to stretch the kids a little in their confidence and ability – and they generally leave on a high having achieved some good climbs and perhaps conquered a few fears along the way..

  12. Manicure Voucher 

    Tween girls in particular would love to receive this one! A pop of colour on their toenails and fingernails will definitely add an extra sparkle to their birthday.

  13. Water Park Voucher

    Many local pools now include an aqua fun park and waterslides – a ticket to a water park always comes in handy on a hot day.

  14. Golf Driving Range or Putt-Putt Voucher

    The golf driving range is great for hitting balls hard and far whereas the putt-putt is more a precision game. Either way, they are both lots of fun and good to do with a few friends.

  15. Theme Park Voucher

    Who doesn’t love a theme park? Now, this one is a little on the expensive side so may be a good one for Grandparents or a group of friends to put together to buy.  Whether it is Dreamworld, Luna Park or Magic Mountain…it is sure to be well received!

  16. Cooking Class Voucher

    Awaken the Jamie Oliver in your friend by giving them a cooking class voucher. They are lots of fun and teach valuable life skills and open the door to new food experiences.

  17. Football Game Ticket

    This gift is bound to be well received – especially if you can suss out what code and team they follow.

  18. City Attraction Ticket

    It is fun to play tourist in your own city. You could give them a ticket to Centrepoint in Sydney, The Big Wheel in Brisbane or Reef HQ in Townsville, for example. Being a tourist in your own city is a great way to get a fresh perspective on the place you live. There’s a reason why some attractions are so popular – it’s because they’re really very cool and worth seeing.

    brisbane wheel 2

  19. Go Karting Voucher

    Zoom Zoom! This is the ultimate adrenaline fueled gift! How fun to race around the track with a group of friends or family. It is a full throttle action experience!

  20. Zoo Ticket

    If your gift recipient is into animals then there is no better place for them to spend a day! Even if they’ve been before, Zoo’s are ever changing environments with new exhibits always popping up. This will be a chance for your friend to get up close and personal with all sorts of furry and scaly creatures!

    IMG_1078 (2)

So, hopefully there are some fun ideas above that you can implement this year for birthday presents for friends and family instead of getting, dare I say it……more Lego & Barbies!!



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