3 fun games for your Easter Road Trip


Heading on a road trip soon?

Here’s 3 simple games to get your car load off the screens and:

  • thinking;
  • using their imagination; and
  • looking out the window.

I own a Grocery Store….groceries

This is a fun car game for children to use their memory as well as their imagination.

One person begins by saying, “I own a grocery store and in it I sell Apples.”
The next person says, “I own a grocery store and in it I sell Apples and Beans.”
Each person continues adding a new item for the next letter of the alphabet and needs to remember the previous person’s word.
If someone forgets an item they are out of the game.

You can alter this game by changing the type of store. For example, say “I own a pet shop….” and list out different types of animals.

Road Trip Scavenger Huntlist

As a child, I remember always playing this on long car trips. Write a list of items your kids need to find while you’re travelling. Give each child the list of items to watch out for and they can mark off the list as they see the items. The first one to mark off all the items wins!

You can include things like:

  • a red traffic light
  • a stop sign
  • a blue car
  • a caravan
  • a police car
  • a motorbike
  • a windmill
  • a car towing a boat
  • an old shed
  • a tall building
  • petrol station
  • a bridge

Rule the worldcrown

This game is great for all ages. Each person gets a chance to say what they would do if they ruled the world.
They may make “lollies compulsory for breakfast” or have “ipad only days”.

Whatever it is, it will no doubt be fun!

Safe travels! 



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