7 Reasons I am Glad I Had Kids


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Kids.  They drive me a little bit mental most days but never would I give it all back because they were one of the best decisions I have made in life, and most days, I am glad they are mine.

Sometimes I can feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole parenting thing. In those moments, I have realised the best way forward is to sit and reflect on the things I am most grateful for when I think of my kids.  There really is some kind of a magical transformation when it comes to gratitude.  It has the power to turn my thinking and feelings around and make me realise how glad I am that I chose to have kids.

So below are 7 of my reasons I am glad I had kids …

  1. Did you know, there are 4 different kinds of love that exist according to the ancient Greeks. The love between a parent and child is one of those spoken about.  I am so glad to have experienced what it is like to be loved by my kids.  I can be a crazy, tired and cranky mum but I know, despite my imperfections, they love me and they always want their mum.  This kind of unconditional love is truly amazing.
  2. Morning snuggles and cuddles in winter. For me there is some kind of family magic that happens when snuggling in bed in the mornings. There is such joy, happiness and connection that we all feel when sharing stories, keeping warm and lying together.  I am so very glad I got to experience that with my kids.
  3. Having kids has made me realise how glad I am I live in Australia. Knowing that any time, night or day, if my child is unwell there is somewhere I can go FOR FREE to make sure everything is ok. We truly do live in a lucky country and having kids has only made that clearer to me.
  4. I am so glad that having kids has helped me relearn how to enjoy the simple things in life. Kids pull you into the now as they don’t live in the past or the future. I am so grateful they are pulling me back into my days and teaching me that the little things can be magical. new 073 (Small)
  5. Having a one year old cruising around our house at the moment has reminded me again about the leg cuddle. I am so grateful and glad I got to experience the leg cuddle. You know the one.  When they are shy or want to be picked up or just want a cuddle, they make their way over to you and cuddle your leg for dear life while looking up at you with their adoring eyes. I do love a leg cuddle.
  6. We had our first two daughters two years apart and waited four years before we added our little boy. It has been a beautiful thing as a parent watching Miss 7 and Miss 5 look after and care for their little brother. I love that they are old enough to help out and care for him, and I love watching them all together (when they are not fighting and screaming at each other lol)
  7. I am so very glad for our education system. I am glad that I get to drop my older kids off, 5 days a week to a place that joins me in helping to give them the necessary skills to do well in life.   I am grateful that our education system is free.  I am grateful it gives me some space from my kids.  I am grateful for teachers who care for my kids.

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