How To Get Christmas Presents For Free Every Year … I Kid You Not



Christmas is the time of year where stress and credit card levels rise to an all time high.

Expectations mound and requests come flying at you from every direction.

Spending copious amounts of money on things my children don’t really need has never been high on my priority list however we do celebrate Christmas every year with more than enough gifts under the tree.

I worked out a little hack many years ago around Christmas and how to get all the gifts I need without spending a cent … I kid you not!

Firstly I want to say that I am pretty money savvy and was taught how to manage money from a young age by my parents.  We don’t spend hundreds of dollars on our kids for Christmas.  I really like the idea of … One thing they want … One thing they need … One thing to wear … One thing to read.

We also do Secret Santa with our adult family which has a $50 limit on the gift.  Hubby and I tend to go out to a nice dinner as our Christmas present to each other as we both feel like we don’t really need more things just more time enjoying life together.

So back to this free Christmas idea …

I pretty much pay every single bill and expense on my credit card for the entire year. If you do this you have to make sure you pay it off every month or it won’t work (I am yet to pay c/c interest and have managed to avoid it my entire life).

myerDuring the year I accumulate rewards points on my credit card from all the things I have paid.  And when I say all I really meant ALL.

By the end on the year on average I have earnt enough point to cash out $300-$400 worth of gift cards.  These gift cards are to Myer, Kmart, Target, Big W and the list goes on.

I get a selection of different gift cards to different places with the gifts I have in mind for people and use them to buy my Christmas presents.

This really works!!   I have literally done this for the past 10 years and on the most part not had to spend any of my own cash on Christmas presents woohoo.

So that’s my tip of how to get Christmas presents for FREE.



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