Help Your Kids to Manage their Emotions with a Mood Meter


SchoolMum has recently been talking to one of Australia’s best known and loved parenting writers Michael Grose. We want to bring you the best and we have found all of Michael’s posts as well as his books to be super helpful. 

11825127_1217242121624629_999385454451559081_nSo we were excited when we heard that Michael was running a new four week course to specifically look into a new tool for helping develop children’s emotional intelligence. The aim of the Mood Meter is to help your kids to better manage their emotions, to improve their mental health and to be happier …. Who wouldn’t want that haha

Starting in just a few days!

Here is a short video as an introduction to the ideas that you will learn in this course.

Who is the Mood Meter Program for?

  • Do you have a child who is very angry or aggressive?
  • Is your child very timid or super sensitive?
  • Does your child feel pressure to always perform at their best?
  • Do you have kids who struggle to control nerves?
  • Do you have an anxious, sad, depressed child?
  • Do you need help understanding your child’s misbehaviour?

Mood Meter Program for Parents

Learn how to develop emotional intelligence in your kids:

  • Mood Meter is a practical tool developed by the research team at Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
  • Gives parents and kids a common language to talk about feelings
  • Suitable for parents of all age groups
  • The Mood Meter is great for kids that are visual learners, particularly boys
  • Empower kids to recognise and then respond to how they feel
  • Teach kids self-awareness and put them in control of their emotions

When does the Program start? Very SOON!

The 4-week Parent Well with the Mood Meter Program starts on 11th Spetember.

Register Now

… and take advantage of the early access to articles, ebooks and all resources prior to course commencement.



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