Grandparents, Kids and Gifts: How Much is Too Much?


We hear all the time about grandparents wanting to spoil their grandchildren.

In fact, we practically label grandparents as the ones who will spoil them. This may or may not be true in your family, but even if it isn’t, gifts from grandparents may still be causing some friction.

Sometimes grandparents just love to shop for their grandchildren – so much that the parents feel that they are going a little overboard. So how do you as a parent handle this delicate situation?

Perhaps your child’s grandmother, for example, feels like giving gifts to your child will make her love her more. It could that this is a method she has found to strengthen their relationship – or at least she is under the impression that it is strengthening their relationship.

In reality, toys aren’t a substitute for time. That is really the important thing to remember, and talking with grandparents about this, or finding ways for them to spend quality time with your kids, may just be the solution. This way the grandparents will develop a bond with your children – and they won’t need to buy gifts in order to have this bond.

Encourage and set up fun activities so your child’s grandparents can have one on one time with them. Everyone will feel more fulfilled by this quality time than they would by either buying or receiving gifts. After all, gifts are great, but when a child has too many, it can get hard for them to enjoy any of them. So, a few gifts that they will really enjoy and use is always better than a houseful that only overwhelms them.

It is recommended that grandparents don’t just buy things all the time, whenever they feel like it. It’s better to save gift-giving for special occasions. Also, it is recommended that parents really have a talk with their children’s grandparents: so that everyone can agree and come to reach some common ground.

After all, it is so much better to be on the same page as your child’s grandparents when it comes to your child. And the good thing is that in the end, you all do really have the same goals. You all love the kids and want what is best for them.



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