How You Can Pay For Your Child’s Extracurricular Activities


What sort of extracurricular activity does your child love to do? Maybe they love art classes. And while their take-home pieces are super fun to have, turns out that art class isn’t just about drawing or painting. While they spend their time in that class, they’re helping develop their brains and special reasoning skills.

What about outdoor activities? Sure, you’re helping them develop their muscles—but outdoor activities also work in the classroom, helping to improve test results and boost memory.

So yes—extracurricular activities help to nurture your child’s interests, brain and body. But extracurricular activities also cost a lot, too. Classes and leagues is an ever-increasing industry, which means that that industry is costing families more and more of their budgets. For some families, it can equal about 10 percent of income. So what are the issues and how can your family deal with them? This graphic offers some ideas.



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