Keeping Kids Safe Around the Home


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We asked on the Facebook page what your number one tip was for keeping kids safe around the house and we got a lot of responses from mums telling us the most important safety rule they have for their kids. Some tips were repeated over and over again – clearly these are rules that many implement in their homes. Here are some of the most common responses:

• Don’t let kids run inside the house.
• Always listen to parents. And when the word “stop” is said, kids know to stop what they are doing (because the word stop is only used if they are doing something dangerous).
• Don’t let kids answer the front door.
• Watch very young children at all times.
• Keep the doors locked.
• Be very careful when using scissors or knives.
• Practice good kitchen safety – for example, the pot’s handle should be pointed in.
• Know where all of the kids are before pulling the car out.
• Keep the pool gate closed.

And here are some ideas that weren’t mentioned as often (maybe only once), but are very important for safety nonetheless. These ideas definitely deserve attention from anyone who has children, especially young children, at home. Following these tips can help your children avoid injury or other problems.

• Electrical outlets should be covered.
• There should not be water on the bathroom floor.
• Kids shouldn’t play on or near the staircase.
• Don’t throw things.
• Don’t play with doors.
• Know where the kids are at all times.
• Young children shouldn’t be in the kitchen when you are cooking.
• Focus and don’t get distracted.
• Watch where you are going.
• Be sure to keep all cleaning products out of reach.

If you are looking for some other GREAT tips (many which have not been mentioned above) you should check out the Bupa’s Digital Guide to a Healthy Home. Their fantastic ideas are not completely random as they partnered with Professor Kerryn Phelps (Sydney University Faculty of Medicine), former NSW Fire Commissioner Phil Koperberg and Building Biologist Nicole Bijlsma to put together this super helpful guide.

An example of my personal favourite’s is:

BUPA Blogger Imagery Digital Guide   sam   GoodFunnySmart Mail4

You can download it for FREE by clicking here

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