Should You Shower Every Day?


Have you ever argued with your child about having a daily shower? Well, it turns out you could probably save your breath!

Showering, like most personal habits, is often up to the individual’s preference. Some people shower in the morning, some at night and some both. But I was recently quite surprised to learn that a lot of people don’t shower daily.

Living in the often humid climate of SE Queensland, I am a daily shower girl. Twice a day in fact, as I need the wake up call in the morning and I find it a relaxing way to wind down before bed.

However, according to dermatologists, I might be doing my skin more damage than good, as frequent bathing can wash away oils that are beneficial for the skin, leading to skin drying out.  I can grudgingly accept this fact, as I am admittedly prone to dermatitis during winter when I love a steaming hot shower.

Daily showers also strip our body of bacteria and it turns out this might not be as good as it sounds. Whilst it is drummed into us to frequently wash our hands to eliminate harmful germs that can lead to the spread of viruses, apparently not all bacteria is bad for us. A certain level of bacteria on the skin actually contributes to healthy immune function.

However, it is important to remember that bacteria in certain areas of the body, combined with sweat, can lead to body odour. Sweat is the primary cause of unpleasant BO, so if you work out, spend a lot of time outdoors or do a job where you get particularly sweaty and grimy, a daily wash is a good idea.

Of course, there is also the environmental impact of daily showering to consider. Not only does it use excessive water, we are also flushing damaging chemicals into our waterways through the use of soaps, shampoos and other personal hygiene products.  

While all of this makes my twice daily showers seem excessive and unnecessary, I did come across this article which somewhat vindicates my bathing habits. Apparently, along with relieving muscle tension and removing toxins, daily showers can improve your circulation and lung health, as well as being a good stress reliever.

Ultimately, your bathing routine is totally up to you and often determined by your lifestyle and where you live. Obviously, people in colder, dryer climates can get away longer periods between showers. As a general guideline, experts recommend showering at least every two to three days. However, if you don’t shower daily, it is important to still clean your face and groin region daily to maintain essential hygiene and to avoid skin conditions such as acne. Other tips from experts include:

  • Use warm or cold water, rather than hot, to prevent skin over drying.
  • Keep showers short. Not only will this conserve water but will also prevent over drying.
  • Do not over use products like soap or body wash on your skin. These are ok for hands, face, feet and groin which need a thorough clean, but the rest of your body will get sufficiently clean with plain water.

Do you shower daily? Do you make your kids bathe everyday?




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