27 Hilarious and Honest Truths About Being A Mum


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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and even though all of us mums come from all different walks of life, have very different family situations and stories there are a few things that most of us have in common.

We also want to give a big shout out to the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute who have sponsored this post and are giving one lucky mother the chance to win a two night stay in a Studio Suite at any of the luxury Art Series Hotels, Qantas business class return airfares from anywhere in Australia and a year’s subscription to Australian Women’s Weekly magazine … Prize is valued at over $4000 and details for entry are at the bottom of the post.

The Institute is the largest child health research institute in Australia with over 1500 researchers working hard to make sure our kids get the best prevention, early intervention and treatments. Their researchers see kids with rare and common genetic conditions, children suffering from heart disease, allergies, cancer, cerebral palsy and a range of other conditions.

They know mother’s are often the ones kids turn to for comfort and support so they want to give a bit of support back to mums.

Below is a list of 27 funny and heart warming truths about what it means to be a mum shared by the lovely mums on our School Mum facebook page!!

Dominika – It’s completely natural to sniff at someone else’s bum.
Jo – You hear yourself saying “Stop farting in your sister’s face”!
Kayelene – You have unexpected guests, your house is trashed & you don’t care coz tonight EVERYONE completed their reading & homework & the child who is having trouble with spelling got ALL her words right tonight!!
Jasmine – Your child’s gone to bed and it’s ages before you realise you’re still watching cartoons. … alone
Helen – You stuff treats in your mouth in the pantry and try and pretend you aren’t eating when the little people track you down
Alice – You’re never alone and are unconditionally loved.
School Mum – You hold out your hand to catch vomit (your child’s of course)
Ava – You can do that weird backward contorted upside down hand thing into the back seat to grab something spillable off a small human in the back seat.
Nat – Driving alone in the car feels like a holiday!!!
Joanne – You rock the shopping trolley back & forth like a pram, without realising, even when you shop without the kids!!!
Ally – Your house always becomes a mess no matter how many times a day you clean it
Beck – You don’t carry a handbag anymore it’s either a nappy bag or backpack
Erin – You get excited for the nice weather cause you can get lots of washing dry
Pennie – You have a smaller serving at dinner so your kids can have more.
Carmie – You haven’t had your haircut for ages and haven’t bought stuff for yourself
Kristin – You are proud of poo being in a potty
School Mum – Baby wipes are more valuable than money at any given time of day
Kirsty – You use words like ‘bum bum’
Natalie – You have to stop eating mid meal to go and wipe someone else’s butt!!
Helen – You get excited about the small things like a hot drink and drinking it while its hot!
Amy – You stay up waaaay past a respectable bedtime, just so that you can have some unwind time…
Jackie – You high five your partner after the kids are put to bed lol
Sheree – Your handbag is full of toy cars, wipes, tissues, half eaten food and bandaids
Kristy – You think the coast is clear so u sneak that bit of chocolate you have been saving for days only to find that your children have supersonic hearing and smelling powers, that they quickly appear asking “what’s that you’re eating mum? Can I have some?”
Sharni – Your talking to a teddy like it’s a real person just to stop a tantrum in the middle of shops.
Belinda – You go to work for a day off!
Kerry – Dear god, all of the above haha


This Mother’s day the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute want to thank mums for helping keep kids healthy and safe. All you have to do is click here and tell them in 25 words or less why your mum or a special woman in your life deserves to be pampered.

You can also donate to the Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Mother’s Day Appeal or find out more about the appeal here link was not working yet so waiting on one that will.




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