Introducing The School Mum Team


For those of you who have been a part of our School Mum community for a while you would have noticed how we grew very quickly and it all just kind of happened .

Me (Sam) started the Facebook page nearly 3 years ago and we have since added a website and a few other awesome people to make all of the things happen.

Being a mum to 3 kids (one of them full time at home with me) and trying to juggle everything became pretty crazy.  Since that crazy I have been very lucky to have some great support in a fantastic team that has made School Mum happen over the past little while.


You will notice now and then at the bottom of some posts an author called Crafty Mum.  Her real name is Melissa (otherwise known to us as Liss) and she is awesome and we love having her in our team and all the fun craft ideas she brings with her. Liss has 3 children and works with School Mum one day a week.


You may also have noticed Tech Dad at the bottom of some posts too.  His name is David and he is a great source of knowledge and support for our School Mum team.  Tech Dad helps problem solve all of the technical things that come up and also contributes to the website where relevant.  He has 3 children, 2 older boys and a younger daughter and we love the perspective he brings.


You won’t see or hear anything about Mel on the website but she helps me manage the Facebook page and all of the questions that get sent in …  that is a full time job in itself haha.


Our latest member we are adding to the team is The Remarkables Group.  We have lots of brands and different businesses wanting to work with us at times which is fantastic as it enables us to keep doing what we love.  We are super excited to be a part of the The Remarkables Group who will help us source opportunities to give us more time to create helpful content that we know our community loves.

We are excited about all of the things ahead of us in 2015 and we hope School Mum can be an amazing resource of support and encouragement for all of the School Mums and Dads out there.  Being a parent is a challenging thing at times and we need all the support we can get or at least I do haha.



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Being a mum to 3 kids (one of them full time at home with me) and trying to juggle everything became pretty crazy.

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