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I have been involved in my fair share of school dances and pie drives and almost all of the fundraising ideas work to some degree but I really love this more recent trend of partnerships. I think this is the future!

This weekend saw the official end to the whale watching season and that brought a great fundraising project also to its conclusion. Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island (near Brisbane) committed to donating $5 for every whale sighted in the season to the Kids Cancer Project and it was a record season! On Friday the team handed over a cheque for $6000 to a happy crew including several children battling the awful disease.


The partnership between Tangalooma Island Resort and The Kids’ Cancer Project was driven by Resort Manager Brianna Preobrajensky and her own personal experience of her son Oscar’s battle with cancer.
Oscar’s battle with cancer a few years ago inspired Brianna to initiate the partnership which Tangalooma was excited to be a part of and all its staff have embraced.

It’s just so natural when an organisation can partner with a charity or needy cause and then build in a small donation or surcharge to their normal everyday activities that can raise money in a systematic and almost simple way. The whale watching is such a positive experience too! Seeing these majestic animals in their natural environment reminds us how amazing life is and I’m certain passengers are excited to hear that their good fortune can also benefit others who need it so much.

The SchoolMum Team were very happy to be able to visit Tangalooma celebrate the end of the season and the amazing donation to help improve the outcomes for all children with cancer. We were fortunate enough to see 10 whales including some calves who were travelling south with their mothers.


Tangalooma is such an amazing spot on beautiful Moreton Island and the entire day was just an eye opener. Such a well set up place to visit or holiday. We even attended the night feeding of the wild dolphins and the kids had a blast being so close to them. If you haven’t made the trip yet put it on your bucket list and don’t wait too long!

Check out some more of these great images from our day there.

For more information on Tangalooma Island Resort, please visit and for more information on The Kids’ Cancer Project, please visit



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