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I love going to the movies but these days it’s not as easy to organise the babysitters, so mostly I enjoy watching movies at home.

What I really love about a good movie (apart from the escape) is that there is often a chance to discover a new thought or remember a feeling that might have been pushed to the background by my busy life.

Since time began parents have taught their kids about all of life through stories. In many cultures that was the way history, morals and daily skills were passed down and kept alive. Most parents that I know now comment that their children are watching hours of screens every day so why not harness the amazing messages in the movies that they love to teach your kids valuable lessons.

What Lessons?

Sometimes the moral or overall theme of a movie is obvious and is even obvious to the kids watching but other times it can be much more subtle. A quick internet search will locate you a bunch of opinions if you are unsure where to start.

Some classic examples of themes in movies are:

  • Toy Story – friends stick together and love each other despite their differences
  • Bug’s Life – the little guy can triumph, thinking for yourself, stand up for yourself
  • Monsters Inc – laughter and love are more powerful than fear
  • Finding Nemo – never give up, family bonds are strong, disability or weakness can be overcome

It doesn’t have to be the writer’s intended main theme though and it could literally be a 10 sec segment or scene. I’ve found lots of opportunities to pick up on very small parts of a movie when I need it to explain a feeling or behaviour too. It could be the way a character dealt with disappointment or being betrayed, or it could be something very practical like a science fact or historical point.

We recently saw Disney/Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur in the cinema on a family holiday. It imagines that no asteroid interrupted the lives of the dinosaurs, and an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely friend … a human boy. This heart-warming adventure movie from the creators of Inside Out is about confronting and overcoming your fears and discovering who you are meant to be.  The animation by the way is INSANELY good in this movie … it’s almost photographic in detail.



Everyone in our family enjoyed the movie but it was interesting how many little messages and themes kept coming out in discussions over the next few days. These ranged from ‘making our mark on the world’ to ‘friendship with others different from ourselves’ and right through to ‘how families work together’. It wasn’t all initiated by us either and in a way I think it’s even more powerful when the movies raise questions for kids and we can just go along for the discussion.

How to do it?

There is no right way but rather once it’s in your mind that watching a movie could be a great learning opportunity as well as just fun, you will find what works for you. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Pause the movie

Ok this is difficult in a cinema! On DVD though you can easily pause the movie and discuss something that’s happening. I like to give my kids permission to ask for a pause too because otherwise the thought may be gone later or they may just not understand a crucial part of the movie.

Obviously it would get annoying if this happened all the time but once in a while is OK. Try pausing and asking a question like:

  • “Have you ever felt let down by a friend?”
  • “Do you have a friend who is very different to you? In what ways?”
  • “What would you do in that situation?”

Ask afterwards

Obviously most of the chats will happen after the movie. It’s not essential but if you watch the movie at least once too, then you will be much more aware of what the themes are and the best questions to get discussion going. Often I will straight-out ask the kids “what was the message of the movie?” and it is amazing how often they get it … and how often they totally miss it. They certainly have some creative answers at times haha.

Some useful questions might be:

  • “How do you think that Woody felt when ……” (Toy Story)
  • “Do you agree with that?” (any movie situation)
  • “What could Arlo have done differently when ….” (The Good Dinosaur)

Recall a scene that matches real life

I regularly draw attention to some classic movie scenes when my kids have a tough time or face a challenge in real life. It’s easy to remind your children about how characters felt or what they did to face situations in the movie and encourage them to do the same. Sometimes it’s also to NOT do the same too.

For example, when my daughter (who is 6 years younger than the nearest older brother) complains that she can’t do the same things as the boys I regularly remind her of how Arlo in The Good Dinosaur was much smaller and couldn’t do the same role in the family as the others … but he had his own tasks and the important thing was to do that well. One day my daughter will be bigger and able to achieve similar things.

Extend the movie

My kids play some movies over and over again to the point of driving us insane! You can easily build on that enthusiasm by extending on the movie with things like:

  • Role play scenes from the movie
  • Playing games as characters or with toys
  • Writing stories based on the character’s lives after or before the movie (older kids)
  • Playing out alternative endings
  • Putting the well-loved characters in any situation or dilemma and seeing how your child plays it out … then discuss
  • You can find lots of clever ideas at

The opportunities are endless and limited only by your imagination.



What a great way to teach life’s valuable lessons in a way that your kids will love. It’s a safe way to learn as the mistakes have little or no consequence.

The Good Dinosaur is a very recent release (available now on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD) so it’s a great opportunity to grab a copy and add it to your collection of ‘learning material’!

For more info check out the trailer below and visit The Good Dinosaur




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  1. Kids always have the perception that dinosaurs are bad, this movie will show them not everything is bad and they always talk about dinosaurs so watching the movie together with them will make them know that we do share their world despite being grownups.

  2. I’d love to win for my little Paleontologist in the making, Zara. Her love of all things prehistoric is beautiful to watch and I admire her determination to learn, even reaching out to Paleontologists in the field because she’s already thinking about further studies later in life! Life though, can be hard for a little girl who is crazy about dinosaurs and it’s sad that she’s on occasion questioned herself in regards to her love of dinosaurs, due to bullying she’s undergone. Luckily, love, friendship and warm encouragement have helped her overcome negativity. That’s something to be proud of in my book, and there are plenty of warm and inspirational messages within this movie that I believe will make her smile time and time again!

  3. Narelle Schwartz on

    My daughter’s are both dinosaur crazy.
    It isn’t as easy to go to the cinema here with our oldest having severe autism. So we watch movies from home it is generally easier on all of us.

  4. Josh saw this movie with his class as a reward and has now colected many items that conect with this movie he loved it so much, he also keeps asking to see it again. The DVD would be much loved.

  5. Jo Cardamone on

    This was one of the most beautiful movies we have seen lately. My daughter loves dinosaurs and this really let her see them as she does, caring and wonderful (not scary). Even at just turning 4, she understood and was so emotional like I was watching it.

  6. Melinda Ashworth on

    I love your blog as I’m always encouraging parents to do this with book sharing with children. Love to try some with modeling your strategies through a great movie like The Good Dinosaur ?

  7. Laura De Nuntiis on

    My son Luca would love this movie as its filled with dinosaurs and humans co-mingling. It’s an inspiring movie where lessons can be learned, hearts moved & some tears flowing. Secretly I think I’d love it to.

  8. my kids seen this post and told me I had to enter and I have to win, just because I have to and I have to do it quick before bed!!!

  9. Id love watch this my little guy who LOVES dinosaurs… I even nick-name him Nicholasaurus when he’s in a bad mood, he’s my little dinosaur!..

  10. sarah fairley on

    It’s Disney Pixar. It’s a feel good movie. It’s appropriate for everyone. What more could I ask for in a movie? Just perfect for an afternoon’s family entertainment.

  11. Maricris da Rosa on

    We watched this movie in cinema as a family day out.We ?ove to watch it again over and over.There is such a good moral lesson we learnt from the movie which is “No matter what you go through in life,Never Give Up because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel”.This is such an inspiring movie especially for us who feels like we wanna give up at times..Thank you ?

  12. This looks like a fantastic family movie with great lessons and would be perfect to reward the kids with on a cold winters day .We would cuddle up and enjoy this beautiful movie thankyou for the chance

  13. My son is desperate to see The Good Dinosaur! Unfortunately when we went to the cinemas to watch it, he suddenly came down with a tummy bug, poor thing. He felt terrible being sick and even worse that he had to miss out on the movie. But with a copy of our own, he’d never miss out again.

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