Always Being In the Moment With Your Kids Is Unrealistic


Sometimes, okay, a lot times, I find it hard to “be in the moment” with my kids.


I know! These days, this is a bit of a parenting no-no. We are told to enjoy every moment. To be present. To cherish it all.

And that’s probably for good reason.

With three kids at various stages, I know the days are long but the years are short.

However, no matter how much I love my kids (and trust me when I say they are my life) it is impossible to live in the moment constantly.

Few parents I know would disagree when I say that this gig is relentless, often frustrating, and sometimes pretty boring.

Telling a parent to make the most of every moment is like telling a shopkeeper to enjoy every rude customer or a plumber to cherish every pipe they unblocks.

Parenting is a full time job. There are magical moments and really crappy ones. Sometimes it is only the gift of hindsight that lets us know the difference.

There are times when our kids will make us shed tears of happiness. There are other times when they make us lock ourselves in the pantry with a glass of wine and family block of Cadbury.

We put so much pressure on ourselves already as parents. Arguably, much more than the generations before us.

Of course, there are things as parents we definitely should do. Give them quality time. Show them affection. Let them know you are always there for them.

But when you are cleaning up the fourth split drink for the day or changing the tenth nappy, don’t beat yourself up for wishing you were doing something, or anything, else.

Don’t think you have to enjoy every moment of every day.

You’ve got enough on your to-do list.



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Renée is a freelance writer, perpetual student and aspiring novelist. In her spare time she's the sole parent to 3 rambunctious little people. She survives predominantly on coffee and squishy hugs.

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