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This e-book packs in 10 kid friendly easy meals that you can cook for under $10 … using ALDI ingredients! It might be possible from other supermarkets too.

Included are full ingredients lists, directions and even a quick video of each meal.

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Product Description

Cooking quality family meals on a budget can have its challenges at times.  Most of us have our staple go to meals but a bit of inspiration every now and then is great to throw some variety into the mix.

We set ourselves a challenge to use only ALDI ingredients and create 10 kid friendly recipes for under $10 that your family are sure to love.  Some our recipes are a twist on a family staple, others you can whip up in under 20 minutes and some even cost under $5 total.

For each of our recipes we have included a link to a video tutorial to make it super easy to follow so you don’t miss a step.  The other great thing is some of these are simple enough for your teenage children to make and follow along to give yourself a real break from cooking and encourage your kids to give it go.

These meals are simple, kid friendly and use common ingredients you would have in the cupboard already which helps reduce waste.  We have used the same ingredients across many of our 10 recipes in order to keep the meals under $10 each.

We want to acknowledge that if you were to go and buy all of the ingredients for each of these meals the cost would come to over $10 each as our costing is for the quantity used not the entire packet.  All of the ingredients we have used have a shelf life of at least a week so used in conjunction with the other recipes you should be able to keep your costs down.   The key is meal planning and making sure you plan to use the ingredients you buy.

All of these meal with make enough to feed 2 adults and 2 children however many of them will leave you with leftovers for lunch.




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    Paid but did not receive book in spam or anywhere?

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