Flower Fantasy Food Pocket


Size 17-18 cm x 17- 18cm


Product Description

4MyEarth Food pocket gives you the versatility and functionality all in one so that you get value for money with a product that can resize to your requirements! Now you can get even more uses from one functional product. 4MyEarth Food pocket is large enough for your sandwiches, rolls, wraps but also with our strategically placed Velcro is able to adjust to a smaller snack pocket as well. Another unique feature is they have an expandable side which allows you to hold more when needed.

Size 17-18 cm x 17- 18cm – size is a rough guide and may vary slightly either side of this measurement.

· Easy for both children and adults to open and close.

· Pockets can be put in freezer.

· Lightweight, yet extremely strong.

· Stores flat for easy and simple storage.

· Label has space for you to write name on.

· Hand, machine or dishwasher safe.

Ethically made in India