Laugh Until You Cry With These Top Comments On “The Dress”


I recently posted a photo of a dress I purchased from Myer.  I rather liked it when I tried it on in the shop. Anyways when I got home I put it on for my husband to see what he thought and within a split second he was struggling to hold his laughter back. When you see it … you see it … and you can never unsee it!!

As a bit of fun I thought I would post a pic of me wearing the dress on my facebook page School Mum as a bit of laugh but I was not expecting that laugh to go so far and wide as it did haha. Over 1 million people have had a smile put on their face by this lovely dress haha.

I spent most of my night on facebook reading comments and laughing so hard I nearly peed my pants haha.

My husband has officially named the dress … The Dance Of The Seven V’s (there are 7 “prints” front and back)

I wanted to share some of the top comments below because they were so good I just had to share …

Firstly there were the puns lol

8 9 19 20 22

Then there were the dress uploads from others who had spotted “The Dress”


Then there was this …

School Mum

And this … 13

And this …

7 11

But the question on everyone’s lips was …


I will keep you post on how my return of the dress goes lol and if you want to read anymore of the fabulous comments you can here .. 



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