6 Cute and Fun Easter Food Ideas


Below are 6 Cute and Fun Easter Food Ideas:

1: Easter Egg Fruit Salad

This one was super easy and just required some fruit, an egg carton and some plastic Easter eggs which you can buy from any shop.


2: Carrot Snack Bags

Again this idea is super simple and you will need a clear plastic bag, some carrot and green coloured yarn.


3: Egg Chicks

Although this looks like it might be tricky, it was actually quite easy. All you need to do is boil the number of eggs you want.  Boil them long enough till you know the centre is hard. Once you have taken them out and they have cooled down (but are still a little warm) peel the eggs. Then use a sharp knife to cut out the egg whites into the shape below. It came out quite easy which was great.  I use a little bit of carrot for the beak and a tiny bit of chocolate for the eyes.


4: Bunny Face Pancake

This is a great breakfast idea for an Easter morning.  All you need to do is make up a small batch of pancakes. Use half a banana for the ears, eyes and teeth, carrots for the whiskers, strawberry for the nose and choc chips for the pupils.


5: Babybel Bunny Faces

This is great for the lunchbox or afternoon tea.  All you need is some Babybel cheese, carrots for the ears, tiny choc pieces for the eyes, white bread circles for the face and Babybel red wax for the nose.


6: Fruit Cup Chick

This is for all the mums out there who say “Ain’t no one got time for that” haha.  Simple and easy. Draw a cute little chick face on the front of a fruit cup and you are done!! haha




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