Dealing With HANGRY Kids Just Before Dinner



I don’t know about your house, but at mine, the kids seem at their hungriest (aka angriest) just as I’m prepping dinner!

It’s a time when I don’t want them to be diving into any snacks and ruining their appetite.  However, I have been trialing this simple idea of giving them a snap & crunch plate to nibble on.

We simply cut up things like carrots, celery, cucumber and capsicum into batons and then add sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes.  We have been combining it with a tzatziki dip and it is colourful, healthy and yummo!

We’ve even cooked dinner a bit late on purpose a few times and intentionally lured the kids into a chat about the school day at the breaky bar … its amazing how much of it they eat. haha


My kids love it and it doesn’t seem to ruin their appetite before dinner.

“Because You’re Not You When You’re Hungry!




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