10 Super Tasty Family Friendly Pasta Recipes


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I don’t know about you but pasta seems to be a dinner winner in our house on most nights with the kids. With this in mind we decided to put a collection of our favourite family pasta recipes together below. The only thing that tends to get a bit boring at times is the fact that we have the same dinners over and over. I guess for me it is more painful to hear my kids whinge about their dinner than it is to have the same thing.

Sometimes just to mix it up a bit I like to add something to the mix to try and keep it interesting. This is mostly for my own sanity haha. One thing we have found is a favourite in our household is garlic bread. It tends to go well with pasta dishes and makes it feel a little more interesting and fancy. We recently had the chance to try out the La Famiglia garlic bread and I have to say it was super tasty.

If you are a fan of garlic bread then you have to give La Famiglia a go and I promise you won’t be disappointed. You can also check out their La Famiglia facebook page here.  In fact we are giving one reader the chance to win a year supply of La Famiglia garlic bread just by commenting on the blog post below and telling us one way you take your family meals from simple to special?


Check out our family pasta recipes below …

1) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 stick of chorizo, thinly sliced
400g of chicken breast strips
1 green capsicum, sliced into strips
5 mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 cup of cream
1 cup of white wine
2 teaspoons of cornflour
1 tablespoon of water
500g penne pasta
parmesan and cracked black pepper to taste

1. Bring a large pot of salted water to the boil. Cook the pasta until al dente and drain.
2. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the chicken strips until they are golden brown.
3. Add the chorizo and cook for 3 minutes.
4. Then add in the sliced green capsicum and sliced mushrooms and fry for approx. 2 minutes.
5. Mix together the cream and white wine and add to the chicken mix. Stir in thoroughly.
6. Mix the cornflour and water together stirring slowly into the chicken – this will thicken the sauce. Allow to simmer for 2 minutes.
7. Toss the pasta through. Serve the pasta dish with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and cracked black pepper on top to taste.

2) Hidden Vegetable Spaghetti Bolognaise

1 large finely grated carrot
1 large finely grated zucchini
6 large finely grated mushrooms
1 tin of tomoatoes
1 jar of pasta sauce
500 grams of mince

Finely grate all vegetables
Place mince in a frypan and brown
Add tin tomatoes and pasta sauce to the mince and stir
Add grated vegetables to the mince and stir
Cook on simmer for at least 20 mins
Boil pasta of choice

3) Mini Noodle Sweetcorn Omelette


Break up the noodles and place into a heatproof bowl with the peas. Cover with boiling water. Stand for 2 minutes, then drain well. Return to the bowl and add the contents of the noodle flavour sachet, corn and eggs. Spray a small non-stick frying pan lightly with oil. Heat the pan and spoon 2 tbs of the mixture into a small pile. Spread out to about 7cm in diameter. Cook over medium heat for 1 1/2 minutes each side. Repeat with remaining mixture to make 12 omelettes (you can cook 3-4 at a time). Serve with salad.
? 75g packet fat free chicken 2 minute noodles
? 1/2 cup frozen peas
? 125g can corn kernels, drained
? 4 eggs, lightly beaten
? spray olive oil
? salad, to serve

4) Atlantic Salmon and Mushroom Pesto Pasta


2 Fresh or Frozen Salmon Fillets (250-280 grams total)
One Jar of Pesto
Pasta (any kind)

Cut up mushrooms into small bite sized pieces
Cook Salmon in Fry Pan
Cook Mushrooms in Fry Pan
Cook Pasta in water on Stove
Once pasta is cooked mix cooked mushrooms and cut up chunks of salmon through the pasta
Mix 4-6 tablespoons of pesto through pasta
Sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese

5) Macaroni Beef


500g elbow or macaroni pasta
500g good quality mince
1 tablespoon dried onion
2 teaspoons dried garlic powder
1.5 tablespoon of Tuscan seasoning
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 carrot, grated
1 zucchini, grated
1 red capsicum, seeded and diced finely
100mls water
400g tin of diced tomatoes

Cook pasta according to packet instructions. Drain and set aside.
Add mince, carrot, zucchini and capsicum to a large frying pan and cook over medium heat. Add a little oil if needed.
Once mince has browned, add tomatoes, water, dried herbs and spices.
Break up mince and tomatoes with a spoon.
Simmer on low heat for 20 minutes, stirring often.
Stir through cooked pasta.

Recipe Originally from TRTLMT

6) Creamy Bacon and Spinach Penne Pasta


6 rashers of bacon, sliced into thin strips
1 can of evaporated milk (375ml)
1 brown onion, diced
5 mushrooms, sliced
bunch of spinach leaves
parmesan cheese, shaved
salt & pepper
400g penne pasta

Bring a pot of salted water to the boil and add your pasta.
Heat oil in a fry pan and add onion and cook until it is translucent.
Add in the bacon and cook through. Add in the mushrooms.
Stir in the evaporated milk and add the spinach leaves.
Leave it for 5 minutes to simmer away as it thickens. The spinach leaves will wilt in this time.
Once your pasta is cooked, drain and then add to the creamy bacon mix and stir through thoroughly.
When you are plating up, add the parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

7) Chicken and Vegetable Pasta

2 x Chicken Breasts
1 Small onion chopped
1 Carrot sliced
1/2 Jar Pasta Sauce

Cut up and brown the 2 chicken breasts.
Put pasta on to cook
Add the chopped onions and sliced carrots
Mix in half a jar of pasta sauce
Once pasta is cooked add the pasta and sauce together.

8) Tuna and Macaroni Pasta

Tin of Tuna
Tablespoon of Butter
Sprinkle of dried Parsley
Macaroni Pasta

Cook macaroni pasta
Add tin of tuna
Add butter
Add Parsley
Mix together and service

9) Pesto Pasta

Spiral pasta
Chopped Cherry Tomatoes
Baby Spinach
Pine Nuts

Cook Spiral Pasta
Drain and add pesto once cooked
Slightly sear cheery tomatoes, baby spinach and pine nuts in a frypan with some pesto
Add vegetables to the pasta and mix through
Season with Parmesan

10) Vegemite Pasta

Pasta of your choice

Cook pasta
Add 2 tablespoons of butter to 1 tablespoon of Vegemite per serve
Mix together off the heat
Add fresh parmesan cheese on top



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  1. By using different techniques to cook our food! I like to look in websites and recipe books to get different ideas and inspiration to turn something simple into something special.

  2. To make dinner a bit more special I aim to try 1 new recipe a week, and we always sit down and eat as a family! It is definitely our favourite time of day together.

  3. I like to add a little elements of fun to my meals. My kids are 6 & 4, so they enjoy being able to use the pepper grinder themselves, or serve themselves food with the tongs. Or even berries in ice blocks! Really simple things, but my kids really enjoy them 🙂

  4. irene fernandas on

    My meals become extra special when the kids help me make it!. When they have helped they always seem to finish everything as well 😀

  5. I love creating humble and artistic meals that my family can enjoy and have fun with. Such as pasta pizza’s, taco’s or rice paper rolls, where my family can get involved and have fun cooking!

  6. Get the kids involved in the cooking they always enjoy eating anything they have made themselves way better than anything I make for them!

  7. A dish can go from plain Jane to gourmet. We stew our own fruits from the fruit trees in our garden, we grown some fresh herbs for a rich taste sensation. It’s all about love and care.

  8. We add extra pureed vegetables/vegetable stock to most meals. In this way we are provide a nutritional boost and adding delicious fresh flavours. Definitely a case of “What they don’t know won’t hurt them!” 😉

  9. Parsley – That is all! Seriously though, just adding a fresh little sprig of this vibrant green frilly wonder atop of a meal magically uplifts the look of any dish and instantly adds a touch of fancy…

    (Plus it literally grows like a weed which is perfect for any serial plant killer like me!) 😀

  10. A bowl of pasta is simple, but when there’s a plate of La Famiglia pan bread on the side, it goes from simple to special. Can’t get enough of that pan bread, so good!

  11. I will only try new foods or meals on days that I know they won’t be tired – there’s no point doing it on a Friday night after a long week of school.

  12. Catherine Augunas on

    Shopping on a budget has it’s obvious limitations but I try to make our dinners special right from the beginning with careful planning. Shopping in season helps, as does watching out for sales on our staples. Saving in some areas allows me to splurge on others so still get to enjoy the brands and products we love. Pasta and garlic bread is one of the few meals that we get to enjoy together as a family as our daughter can be a fussy eater.

  13. Food decorating! . So that they’re more fun and special to eat. For example: heart shaped omelettes , dinosaur shaped bread, and flower shaped carrots. I also add yummy surprises. Like bacon crumbs on top of garlic breads. Mmm.

  14. One of the ways we take our family meals from simple to special is to get our kids to help out with the actual preparation of the food.

    Whether it be to crack the egg, or spread the sauce on the pizza dough, or pour the pancake mix. The list goes on.

    This way our kids feel involved and when we eat the meal we make sure we comment on how much yummier it is because of their help.

  15. Let’s say a plate of pasta is pretty simple, I spice it up by a sprinkling some home grown basil and homemade olive oil over it. The fam loves it!

  16. Saraskye Brown on

    On baked potatoes I add cream cheese then sprinkle crispy Bacon pieces on top…mmmmmm……bacon makes everything taste better!

  17. Nicki Cambourn on

    I make meals special by getting the kids to help. They are more invested and likely to eat something if they have helped to make it. Especially homemade pizzas. Plus it’s a special bonding experience to share with them while they are young.

  18. Roberto Colombi on

    All the family is involved in the meal – from preparing the food, cooking, laying the table etc, everyone has a job… that way we all feel part of the occasion and we get to enjoy it even more

  19. We add ambiance…sometimes that might mean candles and fancy cutlery, other times it’s eating outside on a picnic rug.

  20. Each week, my children are each given one night where they choose the meal for the family and get to cook it themselves (under my supervision). This makes it special for them and they learn cooking skills and I get two nights off cooking too which is a bonus.

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