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I am guessing most of you know by now that I run another Facebook page and website as well called ALDI Mum.   Yes it is true that I am a big lover of ALDI.  I have been for many years.  I really do think ALDI is a fantastic supermarket which has put pressure on the bigger supermarkets to keep their prices reasonable and has made it possible for your average Australian family to eat well on a budget.

I have been shopping at ALDI for over 10 years now and I believe it has saved our family thousands of dollars. We find the products to be great quality and I think that our family eats really well without it having to cost us a fortune.

Book cover $10-01One of the things I often hear from people who shop at ALDI is they are trying to reduce needing to go to other supermarkets to buy things as it always make everything more expensive because when you pop in for one thing you walk our with 15 things.

I decided to take on a challenge to create 10 fabulous meals that kids will eat for under $10 each to feed the entire family.  Each meal is a minimum of 4 serves but some are as much as 6.  This recipe e-book was over a month in the making.  There were 2 full days of video shooting and another 2 days of editing and cooking, researching and number crunching.

For each of our recipes we have included a link to a video tutorial to make it super easy to follow so you don’t miss a step.  The other great thing is some of these are simple enough for your teenage children to make and follow along to give you a real break from cooking and encourage your kids to give it go. An example of one of the videos is below …

All of these ingredients are 100% from ALDI however if you don’t live near an ALDI you can pick them up from any supermarket it just may cost a touch more but it will still come in at a great price.

Some our recipes are a twist on a family staple, others you can whip up in under 20 minutes and some even cost under $5 total.

If you love the idea of this I would really appreciate your support as we would love to create more of these kind of resources for our lovely community to make life a bit easier.

You can check the e-book our here … 10 Meals For Under $10



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