Easy Easter Egg Biscuits



For decades kids have enjoyed icing & decorating Milk Arrowroot biscuits.
Milk Arrowroot biscuits are already the perfect shape of an Easter Egg – all they need is a bit of EASTER BLING.  

This is an easy way to make your morning or afternoon teas just a little bit special in the lead up to Easter. Your kids will love creating all different patterns on the “eggs” and the best bit is, there are no fancy ingredients. We were able to buy all of this from our local supermarket.

You will need:
Milk Arrowroot Biscuits
Decorations (this can be sprinkles, smarties, cachous etc)


Step One
Mix up icing in a range of pastel colours.

Step Two
Ice the milk arrowroot biscuits.

Step Three
Now, decorate your “eggs” however you like using a variety of patterns and sprinkles.


Easter Eggs2 Easter Eggs1

It really couldn’t get any simpler – enjoy!

Happy Easter!



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