25 Bread-Free Lunchbox Ideas


Sandwiches have become a bone of contention in my house. Everyone is sick of Vegemite, my son doesn’t like things that get sweaty (like ham and cheese), and we’re at a nut-free school so peanut butter is out.

So we’ve been putting in the research and coming up with some great lunchbox ideas that are free of bread but still quick, easy and delicious. And with the help of the School Mum Facebook mums, we’ve come up with these ideas.

Your kids might like some of these too.

  1. Sushi rolls
  2. Rice paper rolls
  3. Gyoza (dumplings) – cooked the night before and then refrigerated
  4. Meatballs skewers with cherry tomatoes and cucumber chunks
  5. Crackers with dip
  6. Mini quiche
  7. Chicken drumsticks and salad
  8. Cold sausages or sausage rolls
  9. Kabana and cheese
  10. Rice cakes with preferred spread
  11. Cut up veggie sticks and dip
  12. Veggie muffins or scones
  13. Pikelets or veggie pancakes
  14. Tin of tuna or baked beans
  15. Leftover meat and/or vegetables from dinner
  16. Pasta (either in a thermos or cold as a pasta salad)
  17. Cheese and spinach pastry
  18. Mini pizza
  19. Hard boiled eggs with crackers or vegetables
  20. Corn fritters
  21. Stuffed baked potatoes
  22. Zucchini slice
  23. Bento box with a selection of finger food
  24. Fried rice
  25. Cold chicken nuggets and salad



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