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 We recently got the chance to do a tour of Broadmeadows Bakery in Melbourne, who supplies ALDI’s baked good to all ALDI stores in Victoria.  The behind the scenes tour gave us an opportunity to discover what makes ALDI Bread products so great!

As a kid, if there was a hole in your slice of bread my Omi would say “You’ve been robbed by the baker”.  Well it seems with the processes they use these days, these occurrences are few. At every step of the way, ALDI’s Bakers Life Bakehouse Bread is weighed, measured and checked to ensure it comes out perfect.


Anything that is not perfect never makes it in-store and to avoid waste, gets sent to local farmers for livestock.  So when you are eating ALDI bread you know you only ever eating the best!

It seems there is a lot more to the humble sandwich than what topping to put on too. A good quality loaf is the staple ingredient in any kid’s lunchbox. Actually when I think about it, it is a daily staple for me too.  Below is my current favourite sandwich combo from ALDI I find myself making for lunch most days!!  It’s delish and includes:

ALDI Bakers Life Bakehouse Soy and Linseed Bread, $2.69

ALDI $5 Ham Portions

ALDI Goats Cheese $3.99

ALDI Sundried Tomatoes $1.99


Here are 10 things you may not know about this everyday staple and ALDI’s Bakers Life bread range…

  1. ALDI works with state-based bakeries to ensure fresh bread is delivered daily to every store, 7 days a week, 363 days per year
  2. 99% of Australians have bread in their home – on average Australians buy 2 loaves of bread every week
  3. ‘Brown bread’ used to be just white bread with colours!
  4. The ingredients in bread have remained relatively unchanged for 100’s of years – flour, grains, water, yeast, oil and salt
  5. There is no added preservatives, flavours or colours in ALDI bread loaves
  6. Bakers Life Bakehouse Bread is exclusive to ALDI
  7. ALDI bakeries are required to be part of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil ensuring that if palm oil is used, it comes from an ethical source
  8. Bread at ALDI starts at .85c per loaf for Bakers Life regular white sliced bread and is only $2.69 for the Bakehouse premium range
  9. Loaves have 21 or 22 slices – it’s hard to get better value for lunches than that if you consider cost per sandwich. What other product gives you this value?
  10. ALDI is proud of their Hot Cross Buns and have 5 different types starting at .37c per bun for the Bakers Life mini to .75c for their Specially Selected Sour Cherry and Belgian Chocolate ones

Speaking of Hot Cross Buns … I am a big fan!!  I have tried most of the Hot Cross Buns on the market and to date my favourite based on flavour and best value for money are the ones from ALDI!

It is a bit of a morning treat for me to have a coffee and Hot Cross Bun and I like it best with a dash of butter #getinmybelly


I find the Hot Cross Buns are also great as a filler for the lunchbox or an afternoon tea snack for the girls.  Everybody in our house loves a Hot Cross Bun!  ALDI has announced a new Hot Cross Bun flavour for Easter.  It’s different but also quite tasty…Sour Cherry and Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Bun is worth a try if you like to get radical and mix things up a bit.

ALDI is also selling Bakers Life Mini Hot Cross Buns – Chocolate Chip, $3.29 (37 cents per bun) which are perfect for little hands or a lunchbox treat!!


All I can really say is GET IN MY BELLY!!!  I <3 ALDI!



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