Arnotts Returns to ORIGINAL Shapes Recipe … YAY!!!


ARNOTT’S is returning to the original Pizza Shapes recipe and embracing the flavour which it dumped earlier this year. The customer backlash has been HUGE and relentless with many describing the new ‘healthier’ formula as disgusting.

shapesThe people have spoken and finally we will get what we want. We don;t care if they are bad for us … we want the snack flavour that we grew up with.

Nicky Thomson, global communications manager for Arnott’s, said “While we have seen small declines on some flavours, by and large, most Aussies are happily buying the new Shapes range,” she said. Sales were down 34% though on the new range.

These things are more addictive than crack and when you go changing the afternoon tea fix for Aussies … well they will let you know about it. It has me wondering if indeed this was a fancy marketing campaign.

The new ‘re-formulated’ biscuits hit the shelves in April but we are hoping that they now stay away as the old faithful biscuits return soon. Just watch them … they probably aren’t great for you in large quantities haha

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