Baby Eden Rose 032My most favourite baby product of ALL TIME is the Amby Baby Hammock.  I was lucky enough 7 years ago when I was pregnant with my first baby to be introduced to this awesome product.  I tend to like things a little outside of the box and always investigate and make up my own mind as to whether I think it is good or not.

Everything I read about about this hammock made sense and made it sound awesome!!!  Some of the main things were that it simulates the conditions of the womb so that your baby can experience the same spatial restriction and sensory stimulation as they did for nine months. The baby could still enjoy what nature provided – the gentle vertical motion (as mother moved and walked) and the tactile security of the womb wall.

It has been shown to help colic, infant reflux, short nappers, restless sleepers and premature babies.  As a new mum starting out 7 years ago I thought this could only be a good thing so I decided to buy a hammock for my daughter.

I used the Amby Baby Hammock for both of my kiddos for the first 6 months of their life and am happy to report that we have NEVER had sleeping issues with out kids.  In fact my eldest daughter was sleeping through from about 2 months (10pm-5:00am) and my second daughter from about 3 months.  I would openly tell anybody I belive this was due to the hammock.  I seriously think this is one of the best baby products of ALL TIME!!

*note the photo above on the right is of my first daughter 7 years ago sleeping in her hammock 🙂


Amby Baby have been super generous and given me one hammock to giveaway to one lucky mum and bub!!  ENTER BELOW!!

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