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246This is my seventh year of buying school shoes and I have felt much frustration with this issue. My kids attend a school that requires black sandshoes and this year my eldest has needed black formal shoes also. I think I have tried every brand you can think of on the market, from cheap $10 department store types through to some name brands costing well over $100.

When my kids were in Prep, their shoes lasted for a decent length of time but as they got older, that length of time got shorter and shorter. Everytime things seemed to be going well, one of them would say the inevitable … “Mum, my shoes are broken!” and the rest of the morning was a write off!

With lots of the different brands I found that the kids wore through their shoes and it tended to catch me off guard. Suddenly they would come home with a hole in their shoe and I had to make a plan to get a new pair quickly became stressful.  I did the maths over and over comparing the price of buying many pairs of cheap shoes with less pairs of more expensive shoes but in the end I realised that I was spending way too much time trying to manage this issue of school shoes.

It all changed when someone told me about The Athlete’s Foot where they had been buying the Ascent brand and had been very happy. The sales team take a lot of time to get you the correct shoes in fit and style and they explained to us some ways to help them to last. The Athlete’s Foot have a six month warranty on the soles of the Ascent brand of shoes we have been buying, which means that If they wear through before six months they will replace them.

I put that to the test right away because after buying my first pair of Ascent shoes from The Athlete’s Foot my son did wear through the sole before the time six months was up. I took them back and was able to get a new pair. This meant that I got double the length of time I was expecting for the same price. Yay!

Since buying our school shoes from The Athlete’s Foot I am not having to stress about rushing out to the shops at short notice to buy school shoes, and I have peace of mind that I am providing my kids with quality shoes that are supporting their physical development.

It is always best to get in EARLY to do the Back to School shoe shopping and not leave it until the last minute to make sure they have what you need in stock.  You can check their range out here.

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