Creative Kickbacks has THE BEST school fundraising idea of all time!


We use the “Love of Art” as a tool to raise funds for your School Community.

Our School Portrait Project will generate substantially greater funds than the usual ‘Pie Drive’ and is tonnes more fun.


Your community will be thrilled with the concept of commissioning a Fine Artist to capture what is truly unique about the children at your school.

As soon as we have the ‘go ahead’ with your commission we can start to draw over 50 different caricatures of your school students for families to choose from. You will need to provide us with clear photos of your school uniform. It is important to help the studentsunderstand that they are purchasing a fine art ‘likeness’. The final artwork is never meant to be a precise portrait replica.

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We offer 2 ideas and both involve the very special commissioning of a Fine Artist to portrait capture the children at your school. Each option offers a different price range and end product to ensure that ‘art’ truly is for all.  We liken our Fine Art experience to traditional ‘school photos’ – we’re just a little more creative and fun.

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It is best to choose the coordinator for your portrait project. Consider utilising the school Chaplain or P and C member. This is a great – ‘get to know you’ opportunity.

You choose your school package (School Portrait Pack ONE or TWO) and the final price you would like to charge for the artwork at your school level. We will alter your ORDER FORM to reflect your final costing to your community.

Receipt of Artwork – the exciting part! Delivering the artwork to your students is a fun experience. Many of the families have made plans to frame the artwork as gifts for Grandparents so that everyone can join the fun.

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Perpetual Income for your school begins here. Now that your artwork has been commissioned it is available for order at any time. We recommend that you make the artwork available to Prep Families as an annual event to commemorate the beginning of school in a unique way.

You don’t need to call us…we’ll call you. We will contact you at the beginning of each school year.  Fine Art is our passion. We believe that everybody deserves the right to own a beautiful creation made just for them; a commission to treasure for a lifetime and designed to ignite a lifetime love of creativity in a young heart.

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We look forward to your enquiry. Please don’t be afraid to phone us. Our portraiture project is really something  quite special and…we can’t wait for you to find out why!

If you would like to talk to us further, please feel confident to contact us:

Phone: Lisa Kern: 0426 881 488


Facebook: Creative Kickbacks



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