A Father’s Day Gift To Remember


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I grew up in a family that was never really big on celebrations.  We always did something on special days, mostly food related like a roast for lunch, and you were lucky if your gift was wrapped and there was a card haha.  My parents were not massive spenders and they cut corners where they could but we always had a lovely home cooked meal and cake and presents but there was never unnecessary excess.

Very quickly after marrying my husband I realised his family were quite the opposite.  They were big on special occasions and giving cards and were very gifted at wrapping presents to look beautiful.  Nearly ten years we have been married and we have only just found a happy medium that works for our family.


To be honest it has taken me a while to have a change of attitude to greeting cards and gift giving and not see it as a waste of money but as a gesture of love, gratefulness and thankfulness to the person who we are giving it to.

The key thing for both hubby and I is the gift has some kind of thought and meaning in it so it is not just more stuff for more stuff’s sake but it is from the heart.  I know my husband puts a lot of thought and effort into the presents he gets me for Christmas and birthdays.  I also know  it is important to him that I put effort into the things I get him.  Monetary value is never a major factor the things that matter most are thoughtfulness and effort.


This is also something we are trying to teach out kidlets so in the lead up to father’s day I have decided to get onto it early with the girls and do something for daddy and grandpa (my dad) I know they will LOVE.

It has been a little bit of a big deal finally having a baby boy as to date there has only been daughters and grandaughters in our family and the dads and grandpas have been gunning for a little footy player 🙂 When Ellis was born 4 weeks ago there was much celebration.


My husband is also a budding photographer so we had the perfect father’s day gift idea.  Take his photos of our little dude man and get them made into some awesome prints.  I let the girls choose their favourite pictures of them with Ellis and off we went to Officeworks to make ourselves some awesome photo product.

In my head I thought getting hubby’s photos printed onto canvases to hang on the wall was going to be super expensive but in the end they ended up costing about $30 each canvas as we ordered five.  The quality was amazing considering he had taken all of these photos (except the one he is in as I took that) on his iPhone 4s and we blew them up quite big ( 12 inches x 12 inches) as you can see in the pics above.

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We also got a few other bits and bobs including an Ellis stubby holder for my dad as I thought he would like that haha and some key rings, a photo greeting card and magnets for fun (the girls really like those small nic nac trinket things so they will enjoy giving those to daddy and grandpa very much).


This was the first time I have gone into a store to print photos onto products and I am always a bit nervous that the technology will be too difficult to use and it will end up taking me hours to figure out.  I am very pleased to say I was literally in and out of there within 20 minutes and it was very straight forward and easy to use.  I could edit and crop the images during the process of selecting products to make them look that little bit better using the Kodak Kiosk at Officeworks.

It is also great because you can access and print images wirelessly from your smartphone using the KodakConnect app, use your memory card, or connect directly to your Facebook and Instagram accounts via the in-store Kodak Kiosks. The KodakConnect is available on Apple devices through the App Store and Android devices through Google Play.


After I placed my order they told me it should be ready within 7 days and they would text my phone when it was ready to pick up.  Sure enough I got the text with 7 days and went and picked them up.  Overall it was a really easy, positive experience which didn’t cost the earth and I know hubby and grandpa are going to love them!!

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