Sick Of Paying Late Fees On Your Bills Because You Forgot … Check This Out!!


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Does anybody else out there struggle to pay their bills on time??  For me, it is not because I can’t or don’t have the money to, it is because I forget to on top of all the other crazy things I need to remember.  Having kids at school and notes home every other day, about one thing or another, plus bills in the mail, some days it can feel like an administrative nightmare.  I am the bill payer in our household as let’s just say this is definitely NOT hubby’s strength – haha.  Funny thing is, I am actually pretty good at systems and making sure things happen when they are meant to, however my Telstra mobile bill always gets the better of me – haha.  The other incredibly annoying thing about that bill is if I pay it late I incur a $15 late fee!  $15 HOLY MOLEY that is like one extra GB of data for my mobile phone for the month.

Anyways I have recently been introduced to a free service called BPAY View.  Essentially, BPAY View sends bills and statements straight to my online bank, in our case this is the Commonwealth Bank,  and once they have been sent through I am sent an alert either via e-mail, SMS or bank message which makes sure I pay my Telstra Mobile Bill on time, every time.  You can set it up to remind you to pay your bill as the due date draws closer woot woot.

BPAY   Pay bills with BPAY

I am constantly looking for things to make my family administrative life easier and I have to say this is definitely one of those tools and it is free.

Pretty much all you have to do is take a few minutes of your day and log onto your online or mobile bank and register with each of your billers or organisations that offer BPAY View.  To find out if  your bank and billers are registered you can check here .

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Once you have registered your bills with your financial institution through BPAY VIEW when a statement or bill arrives your financial institution will let you know either via e-mail, SMS or bank message. Managing your bills and making sure you don’t have to pay late fees has never been so easy 🙂

More than 2.1 million Australians already user BPAY View so it must be good 🙂

BPAY   Pay bills with BPAY 2

I don’t know about you but I would much prefer to keep the late fees I pay on my bills (mostly just because I forgot to pay) in my pocket to spend on chocolate and coffee and massages hahaha.

If you are looking for a good, free system to help you manage paying your bills on time and keep track of what is coming up I would absolutely recommend BPAY View.

Written By School Mum aka Sam Shazzam



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