UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets: A WIN:WIN for everyone!


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There are many things I love about the school holidays; the quality time with the kids, the break from the lunch box routine and, most of all, the easy morning starts where kids sleep in and no-one is  rushing to get out the door.

With school holidays now a distant memory, it’s back to business with the school morning routine and plans need to be made to ensure a smooth start to the day. For many families, meal times can be a battle between parents and kids and, quite often, the latter win. So, finding a tasty and nutritional breakfast cereal that the kids will love is a Win: Win for everyone.


In a family of five, there aren’t too many Win:Win moments. Everyone has their own thoughts, ideas and tastes so when an ‘everyone wins’ moment happens, it certainly improves the mechanics of the family unit. A Win:Win moment in our household usually means when the kids and parents can all agree on the same DVD for Saturday movie night so when more opportunities exist to create more of these moments in the household, everyone is smiling.


We have finally found a Win:Win in our household for breakfast and it has made our mornings getting out the door that little bit easier … Uncle Tobys Quick Sachet Oats WE LOVE YOU!!! I will be honest and say our middle child took a little while to get use to the idea of oats for breakfast but after a little persistence she now requests them every morning. This has made for a more relaxed and easy morning which has been awesome. What I love most is the fact that it only takes 90 seconds to cook in the morning and I know the kidlets are having a very nutritional breakfast. Other cereals with milk are quick and easy as well however I am often concerned about how processed they are and the copious amounts of sugar in most of them. Oats are awesome because they are so nutritious and you can decide how much sugar you want to add.


There is a huge range of flavours available in the quick oats and hubby and I like the variety but the kids mostly like the plain oats with some brown sugar sprinkled on top. This is fine with me as it is easy and manageable and I know the kids are getting a great healthy belly full of goodness to start their day.

Uncle Toby’s Oats Quick Sachets are the perfect start to the day to create a happy household. They combine the goodness mums love with the tastes kids love. With a variety of different flavours to choose from, the chance of having a fussy eater in the household is low. Some of these great flavours include: Golden Syrup, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon and Creamy Honey. There is just enough hint of each flavour to ensure that it doesn’t over rule the goodness and taste of the oats. With 12 sachets in each box, there’s enough for everyone to have a different flavour every day.

They are also quick and easy to prepare giving more opportunities for kids to take charge in the kitchen while you are doing something else in the school morning routine. Just add milk and ready in 90 seconds which are perfect for families on the go. And on these cold winter mornings, it’s the perfect breakfast cereal to get some warmth in the kid’s bellies.


Mums are happy, Kids are happy. It’s a Win: Win for everyone! woohoo


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All you have to do is tell us below via the Gleam App … “What’s your version of a dream morning and how could Uncle Tobys Quick Sachets help?” 

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