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We could all do with a bit of extra cash here and there… and we’ve found a simple, fun way of earning it! Have you ever heard of Qmee?

Qmee is a free mobile app that gives you cash rewards for taking surveys. Your survey profile is easy to complete, and you can even add more to it over time to help Qmee find more surveys for you. You get notifications when new surveys are available to make sure you don’t miss out on any rewards. The app is available for both Android and iPhone, and there’s a tablet version too. It’s perfect for earning cash when you’re out and about, or even on your commute to work, as many of the surveys are only between 5 and 10 minutes long.

Qmee is also a browser extension for your PC or laptop. As well as taking surveys, you can earn even more cash rewards when shopping and searching online. Once you have Qmee installed to your browser, just search as you normally would and along with the regular results you’d see, Qmee will show you relevant results on the same screen in their sidebar. Their results will have a cash reward attached that you can earn if you’re interested in their result.

As well as search results with cash rewards attached, there could be coupon codes, discount prices or information on related products. This isn’t reducing or changing your search results, it’s giving you more information without extra effort. The browser extension works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, and you can search on all your favorite sites such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Bing and Yahoo.

Your rewards are kept in your piggybank until you’re ready to cash out. And the best part? You can cash out your rewards to your PayPal account straight away as there’s no minimum cash out amount (like there is with so many other sites!). Your PayPal account needs to be verified but as soon as you’ve linked it to your Qmee account, you can cash out there and then. They also offer gift cards as a cash out option or you can donate your rewards to one of the charities they work with.

Once you’ve been using Qmee for a while, you’ll then be able to earn more rewards by referring your friends to Qmee. For each friend that signs up using your personal invite link, you’ll earn $1 in your piggybank when they make their first cash out to PayPal.

We’ve given the mobile app and the browser extension a go, and they’re both great – overall Qmee is fun, simple and an easy way to earn some extra cash! Why not download it and let us know what you think?



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