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I recently had the chance to head to Sydney with my two daughters to find out the latest awesomeness that is Skylanders Imaginators.

My girls have played Skylanders before but nothing had prepared them for how much fun this latest release was going to be. If your kids love gaming and you are looking for something to encourage their creativity and imagination then you have to check out this fabulous game as it would make the perfect Christmas gift.


We visited the Activision headquarters in Sydney and had one of the lovely staff show the girls exactly what Skylanders Imaginators was all about.


Essentially the latest Skylanders Imaginators evolution enables players to create their own characters in the game, with more choices than ever before with infinite possibilities to create their own Skylanders. How this differs from other games is that it puts kids’ imaginations into the game for the first time.


To create your own Skylander character, you place your physical Creation Crystal onto the Portal of Power. The Creation Crystals are all themed to different powers including Magic, Earth and Fire to name a few.  Next the girls had to select their Battle Class – with ten battle classes they could choose to be a Brawler, a Smasher or a Knight!  It was incredible the level of depth the girls could go to create their own character. There were the obvious physical features like face, eyes, body, legs etc. but they could also select voice, theme songs and catchphrases. The list goes on!  Every single thing you could possibly think of could be changed to make it the way you want it.



Once the girls had created their character they saved it to their Creation Crystal which sits on the Portal of Power.  The amazing thing about this technology is that they can take the Creation Crystal and place it on any Skylanders portal (at their friend’s house for example) and the character they created will pop up in the game for them to play. It’s pretty cool. Once you’ve created your character, it’s then time to join in the battle against the evil Kaos and save the Skylands.

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For those who can’t quite get their head around it you can watch this Facebook live video I did while we were in Sydney and the girls were creating their own characters in the game so you can see more clearly how it works.

The other very exciting news is that we have 2 Skylanders Imaginators Starter Packs to give away to 2 lucky readers.  Not only will the 2 lucky winners get their very own Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack but they will also win their very own 3D printed Imaginator!

The 2 lucky winners will get the chance to create their own Skylanders Imaginator just like in the game, however, not only will they create it in the game BUT it will also be 3D printed and sent back to them. This 3D printed Imaginator is just like all of the other Skylanders Imaginators toys except for the fact that it is the only one that exists because it was created by the winner.

Is that not the COOLEST money can’t buy prize EVER!

WIN 1 of 2 Skylanders Imaginators Starter Kits PLUS Your Very Own 3D Printed Skylander Imaginator



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