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I recently stumbled across a game that my kids were playing and I thought it was a good one to try with mid-primary and older students. 

Something that i really like Is finding ways to use games that kids love in their learning and you can see our Minecraft maths ideas here. When I saw my kids clicking frantically I was worried for my mouse (hehe) and once I understood the game I could see some value for it in classes and at home.

Cookie Cutter is a seemingly stupid game where you have to click a cookie on the screen to earn a cookie but it can get children comparing upgrades, and deciding where to spend their money for the best improvements etc

Like most online games there are achievements to be unlocked and you can use it with a group or class too … I love that its free and doesn’t need any installation and it also can save your progress so you can use it for short periods of time.

NOTE: In the game you BUY Grandmas which doesn’t sound nice and another option is to buy Child Labour for factories … students or parents un-easy with this may discuss this with their kids or ignore those items. 

To learn the finer points read the online wiki –

Here is a quick video review … or jump over to to start.

Video Review




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