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We recently bought a camper trailer and I must say I’m a convert! I love it. For our little family, it is the happy medium between a caravan and tenting. It has the feel of a tent, in that we’re surrounded by canvas, but with a few built in luxuries that just make the whole thing easier.

I am also a campsite stalker and I love to go around and see how different set ups work and what works best for different people AND get their tips and tricks.

Set out below are 10 Camping Hacks that you may want to adopt for your next trip:

1. Lanyards

Take a lanyard along with you. They are gold for holding the Amenities keys on. They are especially good for littlies as they can just pop them around their neck and it reduces the risk of losing the key.

2. Meat

Now this one, is terrific. You can ask your local butcher to vacuum seal your meat into your various meal portions for your trip. Better still, you can freeze these before you go so that they last longer in your Esky.

3. Water Bottles

While we are talking about keeping things cool in the Esky, freeze some bottles full of water before you go and pop them in the Esky. These will act as great coolers and then you can drink the water once they defrost.

4. Matches

Keep your matches in a waterproof container so they keep dry in damp or wet conditions.

5. Shoe Holder

At this point I’ll confess I like to keep an ordered campsite – so this hack is probably one of my favourites. Shout yourself a cheap shoe holder to keep all the bits and bobs in. They generally come with tabs on the top so you can hang it from a horizontal tent pole. The ones with clear front pockets are even better because you can easily see what’s in each compartment. They can store: sunscreen, mozzie repellent, torches, bandaids, hairbrushes, toothbrushes etc.

6. Glow Bangles

These are fun for the kids to race around with but they are also really practical. We use them to make our campsite easily identifiable for the kids at night time and we also have our 4yo son laden with them so we can see exactly where he is (while he’s trying to keep up with his older siblings playing spotlight!)

7. Zip Lock Bags

These are your best friends whilst camping. They are easily disposable once you’ve used whatever ingredient you had packed in them or better still, RE-USABLE for storing leftovers in, like half packets of crackers etc.

8. Pegs

Ok, so if the zip lock bags are your BFF’s these are a close second. Pegs can obviously hang up any wet items around your campsite but again they useful for resealing packets of food.

9. Stove Top Espresso

If you’re like me and coffee is just a little highlight in your morning (or day for that matter!), why go without?!  You can get great stove top espressos that do a good job. They are worth it!!

10. Solar Power Pack

While we’re talking about life’s little luxuries, this solar power pack is fantastic to charge your devices. It is also a really effective torch (at the opposite end to the USB inputs). It has a built in compass and is water resistant. It is solar powered so just leave it out during the day and you’ll have plenty of battery life.

So there we go, a few cool hacks for your next camping adventure. Please let us know YOUR best hacks in the Comments Section below.

Happy Camping!



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