The Good Dinosaur: Movie Review


Yesterday we filled in a rainy day at the beach holiday with a movie preview of ‘The Good Dinosaur’ … the latest Pixar offering.

The first thing that I noticed during the movie was that the animation quality is becoming super realistic and at times it’s genuinely hard to tell if a scene is animated or filmed. The kids don’t notice that stuff but it really made much of it enjoyable to me 🙂

The_Good_Dinosaur_01The story centres roughly around a young, less able dinosaur child being separated from his family and trying to make both his way home and his mark on the world. As he dodges and weaves his way back, avoiding starvation, disasters and predators, he makes friends and eventually finds courage and love.

The movie mixes action and feeling pretty well and my kids (5-13) all enjoyed it. The 5 year old found some of the action scenes a little scary however I kept reminding her it would be a happy ending and she made it through.

Its not going to be my favourite Pixar of all time but it’s certainly not the worst and it was fine to occupy my cherubs for a morning of school holidays.




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