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I am completely in love with any books Anna Walker is involved in as either author or illustrator, or better still, both.

This is not a sponsored post but instead a shout out to a personal favourite.  Anna is an award-winning and much-loved Australian author and illustrator. Her new book Mr Huff has been released this week. Yah!

Mr Huff is a story about the clouds and the sunshine in each of our lives.

  Mr Huff2

Bill is having a bad day.

Mr Huff is following him around and making everything seem very difficult.

Bill tries to get rid of him, but Mr Huff just gets bigger and bigger!

Then they both stop, and a surprising thing happens…

I am loving reading this book to the kids and talking about ‘why Mr Huff gets bigger and smaller”... In the book Bill learns to make peace with his ‘grey’ day, embrace it and let the sun shine through in the end.

Mr Huff

We all know what it is like to have a day go from bad to worse but it is important to know that each day can start afresh. I love books like this because they allow you to discuss these topics with the kids in an age appropriate way.

You can find out more about Anna Walker and her delightful books by clicking here.





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