How A 13KG Washing Machine Changed My Life


Washing … washing … washing … washing … seems to be the never ending story for this mother of 5.  Having 2 daughters who like to change their clothes multiple times a day for fun and a 20 month old son who is always covered in some kind of dirt or food resulting in me being covered in dirt and food, the pile never seems to go away.

For the past 10 years we have had a 7kg washing machine in our house.  I pretty much had to do one load of washing every single day to keep up with the amount of dirty laundry this household was producing.  This included sheets and towels.

One month ago Samsung was kind enough to offer our family a 13kg washer / 7kg dryer to test out and let y’all know what we think.  When it initially arrived I couldn’t believe the size of it and was not sure it would even fit in our laundry.  Luckily it did.  The kids were pretty excited about it as well as they thought it looked like some kind of time travel machine which could fit a small human in it.  We are yet to test out this feature haha.


First of all I just want to say OMFreakinG I LOVE this washing machine.  It took me a good 2 weeks to get my head around it but now we are in the groove, this thing is the bomb.

Initially, I was struggling to find enough clothes to fit in the machine as it seemed to take around 2 1/2 times the amount of our last machine so I had to wait 2-3 days before having enough to do a load (note there are smaller load settings as quick as 15 mins but I am a full capacity kinda gal).  Once I worked out how many days of clothes we needed to fill a machine load we were good to go.

Essentially this machine has taken me from 6-7 days a week washing to 3-4 days a week washing.  I literally do 2 loads of clothes a week for our family of 5 and 1 load of towels a week and 1 load of sheets a fortnight.  I counted that we can get 14 towels easily into 1 load with this machine which is friggin amazing.  I can also wash our entire family of 5’s sheets in 1 load.


My kids have 3 school uniforms so I have worked out I need to do one load of washing every Wednesday morning, which washes Mon and Tues uniform for Thurs and Fri.  I then do another load on Sat of clothes with all of the uniforms and a load of towels and sometimes sheets on Sun.  It is awesome.  I have worked out I need a good 20 mins to hang it out as there are so many clothes but it is so much more efficient than the 7kg.

This machine also has some other pretty great features including air sanitize, deodorization and air bedding care.  As someone who suffers from an extreme allergy to dust mites when I saw there was a bedding care option I nearly cried. Literally last night I got our winter doona out of the cupboard, popped it in the machine on air bedding care and 40 mins later pulled it out steaming hot and fresh.  I did not sneeze once last night and that is telling you something. It helps kill dust mites and makes it fresh to pop on the bed without having to hang it out.  Deodorization is also awesome because if you have something you want to wear which has been in the cupboard for ages and has that musty smell … problem solved.  So awesome!

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I also love the pop open door in the front of the machine for when you find those few things lying around that you want to add to the wash.  You don’t have to open the entire front you just pause the machine and press the door and it opens up to pop your left behind clothes in.  I probably use this feature every wash haha.


This machine is also a dryer however we have not used that function as yet as we live in QLD and have not needed to.  I am aware it has a 9 hour wash/dry cycle so essentially you can pop it on at night and wake up to clean and dry clothes in the morning.  At some point I will try that out just for fun 🙂

I do understand I was given this Samsung washing machine which might make me more inclined speak positive about it. Having said that it really has reduced the amount of time I spend doing washing on a daily basis and for that it is worth every penny.  Would I buy this machine after using it for the past month.  Yes I would!  No looking back bring on the 13KG!



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