What is the big deal with Ear Wax and what can you do about it?


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I know all too well about ear wax and how annoying and problematic it can be. It all started when we had our 3rd child. When our son was about 18 months old he was diagnosed with glue ear. It was a mild case so the recommendation was to keep an eye on it over a 6 month period to determine whether he would need grommets or not.  The major issue for him was hearing loss and ear infections. We have had so many hearing tests I can’t count, and for most of them he either just failed or just passed. To make things more complicated, he is one of those kids who can have an ear infection and not experience too much pain from it.

Although this sounds like a good thing, which on one hand it kind of is, the bad part is too many ear infections can damage your eardrums and cause other problems, and without him telling us we have no idea.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there!  My son also gets a frequent build-up of ear wax in his ears. What this means is that when doctors look into his ears to see if they are infected or gluey they can’t see properly so are unable to confirm whether he has an ear infection or not! We have had all of the ear problems with this little poppet! The struggle has been real and still is!

I know I have spoken about my son and ear wax but most likely he gets it from me.  I too get major ear wax build up and I found this out a few years back on a flight to Sydney when I had a severe episode on a plane with the pressure build up in my ear. I literally had to go straight to the doctor after I got off the plane to have the ear wax removed from my ear to relieve the pressure.

I recently became aware of a couple of products that are a godsend for those struggling with ear wax.

What I love about these products is they are naturally sourced and preservative free.  They work together really well to ensure you stay ear wax free and for our family this is great!

The two products include an ear wax remover and a cleansing ear wash.

The Audiclean ear wax remover product is great for stubborn excess wax build-up which is perfect for me and my 4-year-old son.  Visibility into his ear is important so we can track his glue ear properly and this product helps remove the build-up of wax without the use of harsh solvents.

Ear wax build up can actually lead to glue ear and is the most common cause of temporary hearing loss. This is a really great solution to help us keep on top of his wax issue to ensure he has no further unnecessary hearing loss.

After using the wax remover to clear the existing blockage, the Audiclean cleansing ear wash then works to lightly cleanse the ears.  It is a gentle spray that washes away dirt and excess ear wax using a unique seawater solution containing over 80 natural minerals.

The wash can be used on a weekly or even daily basis to prevent the ongoing build-up of dirt or wax, and will benefit the entire family – even from 6 months old!

These products have been developed to clean gently without damaging your ears.

Audiclean is suitable for just about everyone including –

  • Anyone that uses earbuds, earplugs, or hearing aids.
  • People who work in dusty and/or dirty environments.
  • Children who have smaller ear canals, and may be prone to swimmer’s ear and infections.
  • Swimmers, divers and people who spend time in water.
  • Elderly people with excess and/or dry ear wax.
  • Anyone with a substantial amount of ear hair.

So, if ear wax is something you or your child has been struggling with I highly recommend that you check out these products, they may be exactly what you need.

You can find these products at your local pharmacy or supermarket and you can also buy them online from selected retailers. See the full range of Audiclean products here ….

*If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Always read the label. Use only as directed.



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