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One of my pet peeves in life would have to be doing a load of washing, hanging it out, bringing it in, folding it and when I finally get to wearing it again, realising it has a stain on it!  To make things even more annoying, being one of the grown-ups in my house means I am responsible not just for my clothes but the three little munchkins who live here too.

The amount of food my children get on their clothes blows my mind.  Sometimes I wonder if they think their clothes are actually a plate and just for fun, smear food all over themselves before trying to lick it off, haha.

Then you add in the backyard play.  My two year-old son lives for our backyard and literally wakes up in the morning and stands at the back door yelling out … outside … outside.  He loves digging in the dirt and rolling around the grass with the girls doing somersaults and cartwheels. You can imagine the state of our clothes most days!

When Sard approached us about testing out their new Super Power range I was extra keen.  I have been a Sard Soap user my whole life and often have a bar with me for emergencies … yes I actually do, this is not a lie haha.

The new Sard Super Power range is their strongest stain removal spray and soaker yet.  It targets the toughest stains and is safe to use on whites and colourfast colours.


We decided to road test it with some of our most common family stains including red wine, chocolate ice-cream, spaghetti sauce and grass / dirt stains to see how good it really was.

Below is a short little video we put together showing you the results …


As you can see via these pics below, we had some serious grass stains, red wine stains, spaghetti sauce stains and chocolate ice cream stains we were attempting to remove.

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We made sure that the stains were rubbed right into the fabric and allowed them to dry completely and thoroughly for some time before attempting to remove anything.

I used the Sard Wonder Super Power Spray on the spaghetti sauce stain (as a fun tongue twister try saying that 10 times in a row haha).  All you need to do is spray it directly on the stain and leave it for 60 seconds before popping it in the wash.


For the red wine, chocolate ice-cream and grass stains we put them into a bucket of warm water with the Sard Wonder Super Power Soaker for just under two hours.  Once they had spent some time soaking we then included them in a normal wash.  It is also good to note that you can add the soaker to your washing machine detergent section and use it as an in-wash booster.


The final result was fabulous and once both uniforms had dried, they were completely stain free … and I did not have to scrub at all which was a win for me!

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So it was Sard Wonder Super Power range for the win!!! 





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