Spotlight On Ten Great Affordable Toys This Christmas


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The decorations are filling the shelves,  the promos are starting and the jingle bells are ringing!!  Christmas is just around the corner and if your house is anything like mine the kids have already started putting in their requests ha. I am not one to spend hundreds of dollars on my kids for Christmas. A few fun things, a few practical things, a bit of laughter and fun with family and some good food is what is normally on our list.

This year I am a bit excited as we are taking the kids to a nursing home that my mum manages for the morning and dressing them up as little elves (my dad will be Santa and my mum Mrs Clause) to spend the morning handing out some gifts and having some fun spreading some Christmas cheer with some lovely elderly folk who have been forgotten.

Aside from our Christmas day plans the Christmas list is at the top of my kid’s lips on most days haha.

As I said before I am often on the lookout for affordable and fun toys my kids will like and below is a list of some toys filling the shelves that we have bought in the past for our kids that have been a hit which I would recommend if you are looking for some ideas.

1: Zelfs

I hear about Zelfs … EVERY.SINGLE.DAY … Zelfs first came into our house when my eldest daughter turned 8 and the only thing she pleaded and requested for her birthday were Zelfs.  I have to admit that I do love a Zelf.  I collected trolls when I was a kid and Zelfs are kind of similar but just a more attractive version of them and their hair is so soft to touch.  There have been many hours playing with Zelfs at our house and the best part is they start from $2.99 (a great stocking filler).

 2: Shopkins

Shopkins first entered our home when my middle daughter turned 4.  We received quite a few different sets as gifts for her birthday and they were a hit from day dot. She has spent many hours playing with her Shopkins and I have to admit they are pretty darn cute!  Packs start from $2.99


3: The Ugglys Pet Shop

Somehow a few of The Ugglys Pet Shop toys have ended up in our house. No idea where they came from lol.  These tend to be targeted more at boys as a similar idea as Shopkins and there is a full range of fun and gross looking little pets. Packs start from $ $3.99

4: Beados

If you have a child that loves to craft then Beados is for them!  My girls have spent hours making necklaces and rings and keyrings out of the precious gems.  The best part about Beados is the only thing you need to add is water so there is no mess to clean up afterwards.  WINNING!!  Kits start from $9.99.

12000046_10153746538928324_635238843_n OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5: Qixels

Qixels are similar to Beados but are targeted more towards boys.  Having said that my girls have loved making ninjas and dinosaurs out of Qixels as well.  Similar to Beados all you need is water so there is no mess.  You can make all different kinds of designs and my kids loved the little accessories that you can put on your creations. Qixels packs start from $12.99

6: Geleez

Following on the crafting theme Geleez have be alot of fun for the girls as well. If you have kids that love to paint then this is for them.  Geleez makes it easy for your kids to get creative with some colourful paint without the mess and have an assortment of different packs of cute little products they can create including dreamcatchers, treasure box, charms and more. Packs start from $9.99.


7: Dobble

Card games have always been a hit in our house and this one does not disappoint! My mother in law actually bought this for our family as a gift during a holiday and it has been tons of fun.  There are 5 different card games you can play with Dobble and it has been simple enough for Miss 4 and Miss 7 to play so that was a win.  Many night have been spent playing Dobble in our house. Dobble costs $16.99


8: Glow Show

My kids have always loved putting glow in the dark stickers on their ceiling in their room and this takes it to a whole other level.  How the Glow Show works is you choose your glow sticker, charge it up and launch it with the Light Launcher to create a glow in the dark Starlight Galaxy show on your ceiling! Fun times! a Glow Show launcher costs around $29.99


9: Little Live Pets

Both of my daughters have nagged me for a very long time to get them their very own pet.  My husband and I feel like we are barely able to look after our 3 children and a pet would tip us over the edge lol.  The closest I could come up with was a Little Live Pet.  So for my middle child’s 5th birthday we bought her the bird below.  She loved it!  It’s pretty awesome because when you hold in the button under it’s beak and speak it repeats back to you whatever you have said.  Lots of fun and she has played with it a lot.  It seems to be a big hit with most kids that come over our house as well.  Little Live Pets start from $13.99


I have also just recently seen a fancier Little Live Pet bird which looks pretty awesome.  It’s called the Cleverkeet and it gives your kids an even more real pet experience because you can teach it to talk, swing on its perch, dance, sing and even ride its cart! How cool is that!

thumbnail (1) thumbnail (2)

10: Glitzi Globes  

My girls do love a snow dome so when I saw Glitzi Globes I thought they would definitely be a winner with them.  They include a range of globes and adorable jewellery for girls to swap pop share and wear which is pretty cool.  Packs start from $8.99.

These are just a few of my suggestion of some great affordable fun toys which your kids will love! If you would like to see our full video review of Beados and Qixels click here.



We are giving one lucky family the chance to win a Moose prize pack for their kiddo this Christmas.  All you need to do is comment on the blog post below and tell us … Which toy would your kids love this Christmas, and why?


2 x Medium Zelfs

2 x Super Zelfs

3 x Shopkins S3 12 pks

2 x Ugglys Pet Shop 8 pks

1 x Beados Gem Sunshine Pack

Total Prize Pack $131

Terms and Conditions: Entering the Giveaway: To enter you must answer our question as part of the Giveaway entrance. You are able to only enter once via each entry option for this Giveaway. Do not submit duplicate entries or addresses as this will not improve your chances of winning. Use of Entrant Information: Any information you fill out for this Giveaway will not be used for any other purpose except to notify you if you are the winner. Drawings: The winners will selected based on the answers to the competition question. Prizes: One individual person will win 2 x medium Zelfs, 2 x super Zelfs, 3 x Shopkins, 2 x Ugglys Pet Shops 1 x Beados gem sunshine pack as described above. .The Giveaway is open only to legal Australian residents 18 years of age or older. School Mum is not responsible for (1) typographical errors, misdirected or incomplete entries; or (2) computer or telecommunication system failures or similar disruptions to email services and/or the Internet. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.  The competition ends at 11.59pm on the 27th of Novmeber 2015.




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  1. Our oldest daughter loves collections and she’s is collecting shopping. Our son loves Zelfs and our youngest daughter is into figurines and has been collecting ugly pets, because they’re not really ugly! There’s something for everyone with this prize. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Cheers

  2. My kids love the Zelfs, and I have to agree, collected the trolls as a kid, so I can understand collecting these 🙂 Love the choice of affordable gifts!

  3. The Glow Show with stickers to blast onto walls would be a absolute hit with my two boys…I can guarantee that they would find somewhere else to use it though – like ALL through the house!!!

  4. My daughter loves art and craft so Beados would be great. Also she has one set of Shopkins so it would be great to add a bit more.

  5. My daughter loves glitzy globes and shopkins but I want the Quixels and the glow launcher – how much fun are they???!!!

  6. Adrienne Harries on

    Little live pets
    They want to be vets
    A great way to have a animals around
    Without the responsibility and can turn off sound
    Love that they’re cute
    Little live pets are beaut

  7. My son would love little live pets because he just got his first real pet – chickens – and absolutely loves them! Our house is too small to have indoor pets though so a little live pets would be perfect!

  8. Little live pets. We have a family pet, a dog, but he sleeps downstairs and is pretty happy to observe rather than play. The kids would go mad having their own little pets to play with and look after.

  9. Miss 8 is all about Zelfs this Christmas! She loves styling their furry little hair-dos. I told her about troll dolls that were around when I was a kid (in the OLDEN days) & she is convinced that the are Zelf ancestors. Zelfs are cool!

  10. My daughter has been begging for the little live pets
    What awesome ideas you have for Christmas
    Merry Christmas everyone ??

  11. My daughter has been begging for the little live pets
    What awesome ideas you have for Christmas
    Merry Christmas everyone ??

  12. It would have to be Zelfs,they are weird looking little things but my daughter loves them. Weird but cute. She would really love this pack.

  13. When my daughter first asked me to buy a Shopkins pack- I was hesitant. I couldn’t understand how they’d be fun- they are just bits of plastic that don’t do anything after all! Eventually I caved and purchased our first pack- I was an instant fan! That first month my five year old daughter played with them nonstop, forgetting she even had other toys. She was happy, quiet and engaging in imaginative play (and not begging for iPad time!). It was a wonderful and welcome sight. Six months on, my three year old son now begs to join in the Shopkins play with his sister- and she lets him- without fighting- and often even lets him choose a couple to have sleepovers in his room! I’m still not sure what it is about Shopkins- but they seem to bring out the best in my two children. I know I’ll not only be ecstatic to finally welcome some season 3 into our home but I know with quiet confidence that both children would absolutely delight in receiving some new ones this Christmas. I know because Shopkins have topped their Santa wishlists (they even come above the camera and flying plane Haha).

  14. My eldest daughter just won’t stop raving about Shopkins. Apparently EVERY girl in school has them except her and Santa needs to come to her aid with a sack full of these Shopkins. My youngest loves the Little Live Pet bird because she can talk non stop to it and it will repeat it all back to her. Just what I need….something else in the house that won’t stop talking!!

  15. My son would love the Beados kit! It might not be “gender appropriate” for him however he has severe autism and he is non verbal. Anything that involves sorting colours, creativity and intricate detail is perfect for him. Not only can he learn about colours he has a chance to develop his communication skills (asking for help using sign language etc) and fine motor skills which we are focusing on in occupational therapy! Using play as therapy is my favourite thing and it is easy and fun for my son! 🙂

  16. My daughter is obsessed with Shopkins and would love to win some shopkins to add to her collection. She would also adore the Cleverkeet! Moose toys have an amazing range…she would love it all!

  17. Penny Schelbach on

    Thunderbird Rockets and Monster High dolls,
    Shopkins toys or colourful little trolls.
    I think I’d like a board game the whole family could share
    Or for me… I’d be happy with a new teddy bear.

  18. As a child I was always into collecting things from trolls and fairy winkles to tarzos and crazybones. My daughter 9 has followed in my footsteps and loves shopkins and wants to collect the whole set. And being the collector I am…. so do I.

  19. My daughter is turning 11 this week and is constantly reminding us she wants Shopkins. Again, not sure what the attraction is but I’m happy to get my kids away from technology! The geleez have been popular with her for years as well and still ranks at the top of Christmas lists as she likes the artsy things. The snow globe project looks like a winner too! We have a 7 yr old boy too and we’d love to win this pack 🙂

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