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I have never been a big fan of pesticides.  I have also never been a big fan of pests haha.  This is my dilemma.  I am not sure if anyone else ever had this experience as a child but I remember at least once or twice a year my entire family had to evacuate our house for an entire day because it was being fumigated for pests.  I did find that a little concerning upon reflection that whatever was being sprayed all around our home was so bad that we could not be there.

It has always felt a bit strange spraying a toxic substance all around my house to kill bugs and pests.   It’s not so bad for me as I don’t tend to play and roll and eat off the floor on a regular occasion but my kids do.  My kids are generally in the backyard every afternoon digging or doing cartwheels or getting up to some kind of mischief, so I have always been pretty aware of their exposure to chemicals and toxins after hubby has sprayed for bugs or bindies.

When the very nature of a substance you are spraying around your house is designed to kill living creatures, I think it’s important to know a bit about it. The good news is that for those of us that want to keep bugs at bay in a more natural way, it’s now easy to choose pest control products containing an all-natural active ingredient made from Australian grown daisies. Introducing Australian Natural Pyrethrins®. This awesome ingredient works fast on problem insects but has low toxicity for us and our kids. It also breaks down quickly in sunlight leaving no lasting pesticides residues, making it a great choice for pest control in organic and edible gardening, and for controlling bugs in sensitive areas of the home such as the kitchen and living areas.

Simply look for the ‘daisy mark’ when purchasing pest control products or check for PYRETHRINS in the list of ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS on the product label.  You can see a list of the products which use this ingredient via this link.

Some well-known pest control brands are using this ingredient in their products, which is fantastic.  I have listed a few below you might recognise with some brief info about what they do.

Raid® Earth Options® Advanced Multi-Insect Control System with Natural Pyrethrins is designed for continuous protection against flying and crawling insects. This is a great product to keep your kitchen and living areas bug free all summer long.

Fido’s Rinse Concentrate for Dogs, Cats, Kittens, and Cage Birds. With summer being prime flea season this great product helps to control fleas, lice and ticks, including the paralysis tick, and prevents attachment for up to 3 days.

Multicrop Pyrethrum Insect Spray kills a wide range of insect pests on vegetables, flowers, ornamentals and indoor plants.

BANLICE Mousse contains Natural Pyrethrins. Pyrethrins come from pyrethrum flowers and are widely recognised to be amongst the least toxic, yet effective, insecticides available for human use.

To see more trusted pest control products containing Australian Natural Pyrethrins® visit the website here.



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