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Remember the days before your kids went off to school, when you used to dream about the freedom that would come with carting them off five days a week?

Well if you’re anything like the rest of us, reality set in pretty fast with the constant chaos of uniforms, school lunches, school photos, library days, home reading, parent teacher interviews, mufti days, field trips and after school activities. There is just so much to organise and so much to remember as a school parent it makes your head spin and your heart sink every time you forget an important school event. If you’re divorced or separated these problems are compounded by communication going home to different homes, making it impossible to keep on top of things.

unnamed (1)Enter School Stream App! One Aussie school mum devised a clever solution to overcome the communication hurdles of school life. School Stream app is a 100% Australian owned and operated mobile communication app that connects school administration to parents and carers in real time at the touch of a button. As a parent, all you need to do once your school is using it is to download School Stream to your smart phone from the app store for free, and your child’s school will keep you updated and in touch. No more forgetting mufti days or sporting events, no more wondering if an excursion has been cancelled due to weather, just click on the app on your smart phone and real time school news and updates are right there.

These are the features that we love most about this app:

  • If your kids are at different schools, you can add multiple school profiles into your single app
  • You can read the school newsletter on your phone when you’re out and about
  • Receive real time updates so you’ll know right away when a school sports day is cancelled at short notice or a school bus is running late back from an excursion
  • View the canteen menu from your phone and even order directly from the app (when the school uses an online canteen system)
  • Fill in and sign absentee & consent forms directly from the app
  • Add important school events to your calendar and set as a reminder from the app
  • Customise the information you wish to receive from the school through the notifications settings
  • For those parents whose first language at home is not English, the app has a language translator which supports over 80 different languages
  • It’s all there in your phone like a neat filing system with all the information stored in a simple to manage format, so there’s no need to go looking for notes in school bags or sort through old emails
  • Co-parenting arrangements are so much easier to manage with both parents having real-time access to children’s school information

School Stream app is the perfect solution for schools, parents and pupils. With better communication comes better results for all involved, and we all want the best outcome for our kids and our community. Join the hoards of schools and school parents who are discovering the benefits of using the School Stream app all over Australia.

If you’d like to use School Stream app and your school isn’t yet using it, click here and let them know about it.

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