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We were lucky enough to try the brand-new Disney Infinity 2.0 game this week on the PlayStation 3. He is our review from Mr 9 and Mr 12.

This game is an extension of the original Disney Infinity game and takes it to a new level of action superhero. While much of the gameplay similar, Infinity 2.0 seemed much better suited to my older boys who revelled in the superhero storylines and characters.


An boxing the game was exciting as the boys could hold the character figurines and begin imagining what the game was going to be about before loading anything into the PlayStation. The basic game disc comes with two action figurines, and to game pieces.



The game setup is very easy. We simply loaded the disc into the PlayStation and it began and update process to download the latest content and patches. This took some time but the kids had something to play with because they had the character figurines and it was fairly painless.

20140928_124835_Hagrid  20140928_122804_Anne


How it works

If you are not familiar with this game format the content of the game and the characters that you play are determined by which figurines you place onto the play-mat which is plugged into the USB port and pictured below. The plane that has three positions … One determines which map or storyline you play and the other two are for the characters which you will play. In single player mode you only need one character but it must be one of the characters which matches the map.

There are many expansion packs and extra characters that you can buy to extend the life of this game. We got a few of the extra packs delivered to trial which means the game offers so much more value.


My children had never played the original Disney Infinity which is based on some of the classic Disney movies such as Monsters Inc etc … But that didn’t seem to matter as they picked up all of the gameplay very quickly. They began with one player mode and we quickly added a second character which just made it more enjoyable in split screen mode.

I really liked the vertical split screen was I find the horizontal split screen much harder to follow (but then again I am old! haha)

It is essentially cooperative play when playing more than one character which I like because my family have to play together rather than competing which can cause more problems.



My boys totally enjoyed the game and have already completed one of the maps on a first run through. They can now track back and do it again using different characters or try a completely different themed game with all new content such as Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers.

Outside of the game both have also grabbed the figurines themselves and use them in free play without a screen. I thought this was a real bonus of this style of game which added value beyond the PlayStation itself. We will almost certainly buy other expansions and characters as they aren’t that expensive and allow new play. You can also take the characters to friends houses and play there.

20141005_150621_Anne 20141005_150718_Anne

Overall we love the Disney Infinity 2.0 game on the PlayStation and it will definitely be a hit over the summer. Certainly brings the Infinity game to a slightly older audience with the superhero theme and my preteen boys love it!





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