How To Take The Guesswork Out Of Gift Giving


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My daughter is about to turn 5 and, like most kids, her birthday wish list is as long as my arm.

This is actually helpful in a way, as we have a lot of extended family who love to buy gifts for the kids but never really know what to get.

And who can blame them?!

Even as a mother of 3 kids under 12 I feel quite out of touch and overwhelmed when walking through the toy aisles. There is so much stuff these days!!

With so many fads and trends, merch from pop culture, technology and even traditional toys, it isn’t surprising that family members are begging me to narrow it down for them. They also want to give a gift that the recipient loves and will get plenty of use out of.

The problem with everyone coming to me for ideas however, is that I often forget who I gave what suggestion too!

Did I tell Nanna to get the Hatchimals or was that Aunty D? With such a long wish list and so many rellies eager to please, it would be a shame to have double ups. (And yes, there is such a thing as too many Hatchimals!)

I realised what I really need is A Gift List.

An online gift registry and invitation service, A Gift List is simple to use and free from the bells and whistles of other gift registries.

Once you register you select a list that suits your purpose. There is a nominal fee depending on how big your guest list is, starting at $2.99USD for 30 guests.

Building your list is easy, simply adding the gift description, estimated cost and any additional information, including suggestions on where to source. You can even add a photo of the item to make it fool proof!

From there you simply add your list of guests, including their email address. There are a selection of invitation templates for a range of occasions such as kids’ birthdays, weddings and baby showers.  Once you have chosen one you like, A Gift List will fill in the necessary deets and send it to your guests!  The email invitation will contain a link to your list so guests can access your gift suggestions.

Through the guest portal, your friends and family can RSVP and select the gift they plan on giving. Once selected, the gift is automatically removed from the list, eliminating the risk of embarrassing double ups.

And voila! All the administrative aspects of your party are taken care of!

Invitations – check!

RSVP list – check!

Gift list – check!

What I really love about A Gift List is:

  • There are no store or brand affiliations so you can add any gift idea. You can suggest places where the item can be sourced or you can leave it up to the giver.
  • You can add money or gift voucher requests
  • The mobile interface is great
  • The site uses PayPal so no handing over credit card details
  • Unlike other online registries, A Gift List doesn’t share any information with third parties

The service is quick to set up and I think even Nanna will be able to navigate it’s easy to use interface.

With A Gift List I know that on the big day my birthday girl will have every thing her little 5 year old heart desires.

Of course, the best gift of all will be being surrounded by the people who love her.




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